Constellation Virgo - The character of your child as a Virgo

Astrological nameVirgo
Period24 August - 24 September
KeywordSensible life core
Vulnerable body partDigestive system, stomach

The Maagdenkindje is a true actor. He likes to imitate and does this from the very beginning. He is somewhat calmer and quieter than other children, but on the other hand he is also smart and fluent. This makes it possible that his personality can alternately calm or irritate.

If he does not feel like it, it will not happen. If you want to give him apple, but he prefers strawberries, that apple just does not come. He keeps smiling, but his head will certainly go the other way the moment you come to him with the spoon. He is very picky in his diet and knows well what he likes and what does not.

Your Maiden Child loves cleanliness and will be able to enjoy cleaning up his own toys. In company he likes to keep himself in the background, but when he feels comfortable he can chat away. He will learn to chat quickly, but he will not quickly show this to strangers. At home he can chat the ears of your head. And do you need to clean up? Your Stomach Toddler is happy to help you! At school, the little Maagdje runs the chance to become the darling of the class. Just because he does his best and listens best. He just does not like to get criticized. He starts to worry about a lot of criticism and can even become ill.

Virgos can seem distant, but are charming and force respect. Virgos are investigative and systematic, they can also reason logically. They have difficulty with philosophical thinking. He is humble and humane. A Virgo is efficient, flexible, reliable with a serious, friendly and pleasant touch. But they can also just as easily explode in a tantrum.

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