Popin 'Cookin Pizza kit

In the Popin 'cookin' series we have already made the donuts, ice creams, the edible mucus and the sushi candy. Because the collection is even bigger, we are going to work with the pizza kit today! This time no candy, but if all goes well, the pizza really goes to pizza. I can hardly imagine it, so I'm very curious.

I bought the package for 5.95 at www.mostcutest.nl where many more types of packages are for sale. With this package I spent about one and a half hours.

What is it?

Popin 'cookin comes from Japan and his miniature D.I.Y. candy & cookie-making sets. With powder, water and various molds / molds you make biscuits and sweets that you can eat. This set contains no preservatives and no artificial colors. With different packages and bags you make with this set a Pizza with potatoes and soft drinks.

Nice and extensive

The package contains a lot of parts so you are working on it for quite some time. And that is of course only fun. It is not about the food, but about making it. The more bags, the more 'making fun'.

In the suit

In the suit you will find a plastic bowl with scoop, 7 different powder bags and a plastic cup for the soda. Carefully cut the bag open because you can make a pizza box from the sachet and you can cut out the label of the soda.

Extra requirements

In addition to a small amount of water, you also need a microwave.

And now: Getting started!

If your Japanese is not so good (anymore), then here are the required water quantities, explanation of the different colors and how long something (if necessary) should be in the microwave.

colourThis isHow much water?Microwave
YellowPotato2 scoops30 sec 600 Watt / 40 sec 500 Watt
RedPizza Dough4 scoops50 sec 600W / 60 sec 500W
BlueCheese1 scoop-
BrownMeat2 scoops-
VioletSodaFill cup-

What is the taste

The potatoes taste surprisingly much to potato. Really funny to taste. The different parts are also fairly truthful. This is how the tomato sauce really tastes like that of the typical pizza flavor (tomatoes with Italian herbs), the cheese really tastes like cheese (and melts in the microwave!) And even the meat has a typical meaty taste. Together, however, I did not like the pizza to taste like pizza anymore. This probably dominates the taste of the soil. It is certainly not dirty, but unfortunately I could not quite eliminate the real pizza flavor.

The soda taste nice and sweet. Funny to see how it starts to fizzle when you throw the soda powder into the water. The taste is a bit like Aloe.

Prefer a movie?

Pay attention! The colors of the bags have apparently changed over time. If you keep the colors in this video, things are not going well. For example, the pizza day is not in an orange bag (in it is the tomato sauce) but in a red bag! So just keep paying attention!

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