Water games for outside

Pass on water bomb

Take a splash ball and put a small water balloon in it. Then wind up the clockwork and pass the splashball - do not throw! The thing explodes after a minute or so! So you get wet ...

Sop the garden

Toddlers always want to help. They see you cleaning regularly, so they want to try that too! Give them a sponge, bucket of water and a brush and let them clean the garden! They can sweep the garden, brush the street, wash their toys, wipe the fence. In short, hours of fun!

Paint the fence

A nice, long fence? It is best to use a fresh makeover! Give your toddler a brush and a bucket of water. He may 'paint' the fence. However, the job will never be finished ... the first part has already dried up before it will be ready.


Make a nice drawing on the street. Let your child (or children) enjoy themselves. The rain eventually washes the drawing away again. Alternative for the summer: let your child make a drawing with water. Give him an (old) wallpaper brush or brush from a dustpan and tin and a bucket of water. He can beautifully paint the street here. The funny thing is that the drawing is never finished, because it dries up again and again.

Spray plants

In the summer, the garden should still be sprayed regularly, why not even your toddler? Give your toddler the water hose and let him water the plants. And if he 'accidentally' sprays on you, is not that just fun?


For this game it must be nice and warm weather. Divide the children into two teams. Both teams get a large bucket of water, which is placed on the starting line. On the other side a small, empty bucket is placed. The idea is that this small bucket will be filled with water, but this water can only be transported with a towel. Baptize the towel in the big bucket with water, wrap the wet towel around your neck, run to the other side and wring the towel in the small bucket. Run back quickly because then the next child from the team's turn. The team that is the first to fill the small bucket is the winner. When you play this game with older children, you can also take large buckets instead of small buckets. In toddlers, filling a large bucket may take too long.

Dutch sea lions

A game for the hot days. A knocker is appointed. The ticker is standing in the middle of the field. The other children have to run from one side to the other when the tigger calls "Dutch Sea Lions". If the ticker calls something else, the children must remain standing. When the gossip runs, the ticker has to tap a child by throwing a cup of water in the face. Children who have been tagged also grab a plastic cup with water and help to "tap" the rest.

Washing a car

Your toddler is very helpful and he really wants to help you everywhere. Let him, on a hot summer day, help to rinse the car with a water blow. Of course it will become a water ballet and it will become wet, but he will certainly enjoy it. And you too! Keep your video camera handy.

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