For ever online

A couple of years ago an ex-boyfriend of mine died. Just like that, from one day to the next. Our relationship was already a few months gone by, but of course my death hit me. Since our relationship was over, I had no further input in his funeral and settlement of other matters. His children decided to keep his social media accounts - he regularly post on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. All these platforms were linked to mine. At first I had no problem with that, but as the years went by, it started to itch. At unexpected moments I was suddenly confronted with his death. Then I read his last messages again, some of them written especially for me at the time.


I do not want to get stuck in the past, I want to continue. For a few years now I have had a more than good and loving relationship. Actually, I want to unfriend, but in one way or another that feels so crude or even selfish. Just as if I give him a kick. I find it hard. So I still have not taken any steps and am still 'befriended' on all networks. I realize very well that he was the first (for me) and that after him there will only be more of these situations. A year and a half ago, for example, my mother followed. Her account is still online and I occasionally see it over. My father likes to look up from time to time. That is his right and I certainly do not want to deprive him of that.

Virtual cemeteries

In this book it is said that social networks will turn into virtual cemeteries ... Are they meant for that? Or were they just to honor life? I find it a difficult issue, which I can not answer. After all, this is different for everyone.

Our life

Did you know that we spend more than seven hours on the internet every day? On average, of course. One is more to be found than the other. Every day, photos, texts and films are posted about what we do and what keeps us busy. Our lives are not only physically lived, but also digitally, online. Physically we can die, but if we do not erase ourselves, or have it erased, we will continue to live digitally. As if we never said goodbye. Important to think about that in life. Not a fine topic, but what would you want your social media channels to do? Do they have to remain accessible 'forever'? ' Or do you also want to die online?

For ever online

Giovanni Ziccardi tries in his book to analyze the difficult relationship between death and digital life. He sees two tendencies: the right to be forgotten on the one hand, the eternal digital life on the other. The result is an incredibly up-to-date, surprising and meaningful book.
Giovanni Ziccardi is a lawyer, journalist and lecturer in internet law at the University of Milan.

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TitleFor ever online
PublishingXander Publishers
AuthorGiovanni Ziccardi
Number of pages302
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