Water birth - Give birth in a water bath

Have no idea how you want to give birth? Maybe a water birth is something for you! There are certainly benefits to a delivery in the water. Consider, for example, the warm water that can be relaxing. A water birth provides natural, lighting, but also warmth, security and peace. That almost sounds like a wellness, but are there also disadvantages to a water birth? And is a water birth suitable for everyone?

Water delivery alone at home?

Luckily not. More and more women are opting for a water birth and nowadays many hospitals are also set up for this. A water birth is therefore a very natural delivery. After all, your baby has been in hot water for 9 months. The switch to the world outside your womb is made much smaller. Your child comes from one hot bath in the other in this way.


The warm water is soothing and relaxing, so you are better able to absorb the contractions. It also works pain-relieving because the more your body can relax, the more endorphins it can produce. The warm water keeps your body well on temperature, so you can keep your focus completely on the delivery.

Can everyone like it in the water?

If you can give birth at home, you can also give birth in the bath. Only in case of a medical indication it is possible that a water birth is not possible. If you have a preference for a water birth, you can best discuss this with your midwife.
The bath must of course fit into your home. Please note that a delivery pool is approximately 1.80 by 1.50 meters.

Rent or buy?

A normal bath can not be used for a water birth because the midwife then has almost no room to move. So you need a special delivery bath. You can choose to buy your own delivery bath, but you can also rent one. Special baths are often present in the hospital. Try the bath a few times in advance so you know how everything works and which temperature you like most.

There are also baths with a separate seat, where your partner can sit.

Benefits at a glance

Hot water gives peace and relaxation. The bath is pleasant and safe, so you can relax better. The hot water also works to reduce blood pressure.
The transition for your baby from the warm uterus to the wide world is less. Your baby can make contact with your skin directly through the warm water.
Moving in the water is a lot easier. The warm water around you ensures that you can focus better.
The opening up phase is usually faster, especially if you only take 5 to 6 cm of access in the bath.
Childbirth is often a lot more gradual, which limits the chance of a cut or tear.
The partner can fulfill an important role in water delivery: setting up the bath, filling it and keeping it at temperature.


You must of course have the space in the house. Of course there are also costs associated with giving birth in the bath. After all, you have to buy or rent the bath. The cost of renting is between 150 and 200 euros and if you want to buy the bath, keep an amount between 250 and 300 euros. There may still be costs of some loose accessories.

Is it safe?

Giving birth in the water is just as safe as any other way of giving birth. So you do not have to worry about safety.

Tips for a water birth

Do not sit in the bath for longer than two. It is better to take half an hour in between.
Take enough fluid to you, so do not forget to drink.
Provide a pleasant ambient temperature.
Keep the temperature of the bath water between 34 and 37 degrees. Go in the bath a few times beforehand so that you can experience the desired temperature.
Change the water every 24 hours.


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