Pregnancy calendar - Week 23

How big?

Length± 30.5 cm
Weight± 500 grams
Information about the photo
The circulation is now fully functional. The umbilical cord system is getting longer and thicker because the blood flows through the body with considerable force to feed the fetus.


Your baby now arrives on average about 100 grams per week. He now responds to sound and touch. He will also be able to get the hiccups. You can also feel this sometimes. Fingerprints can already be detected on his little fingers. He now hears the rumble of the intestines and the beating of your heart. Voices also continue to vote.


Your uterus reaches about five centimeters above your navel. You can now get problems with your stomach.


Start by ordering the baby room. On many articles there is a delivery time of 6 (and sometimes more) weeks. It would be a shame if your things would not be in time anymore.
Treat yourself with comfortable clothing.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'

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