The safety check - Your house as a safe place

From a month or six it is important to submit your home to a safety check. Your child will not only become bigger and smarter, but also more mobile! Maybe he is already shoving around? Maybe he is already starting to crawl? If he does not do it yet, it can change from one to the other at once. I can remember a situation myself ...

Like a turtle

I was upstairs in the attic, busy with the laundry. I had put Rocco in his bouncer for a while in front of the TV. His favorite TV program (Teletubbies) stood up and he always enjoyed it. So for a moment I had my hands free to find out the laundry and put it in the machine. At least, that's what I assumed. It is sometimes said: 'assumptions are deadly' and that assumption could have just happened. Fortunately my maternal alarm bells went off in time.

Crazy sound

While I concentrated on the wax sample, I suddenly heard a crazy sound from below. For a moment I had a tendency to ignore it. It could not be anything, after all Rocco was safely in his bouncing chair. Still, I was not completely comfortable and because I always went from the principle 'check-recheck-double check' I decided to go and look. And thank goodness. At the moment I was almost downstairs, I caught sight of Rocco. He had let himself fall over in his bouncer and now slid like a tortoise, with the bouncer on his back, towards the stairs. We already had stair gates, but because that time Rocco had not yet made a start to crawl, I had never closed them ... Fortunately, this experience has a happing end, but then one with a good learning moment.

Learning school

Fortunately, the good ended, but that could also have been very different. From that moment on, the stair gates have closed continuously and I have not left Rocco alone in this way.
The use of stair gates is important, but there are more points in your house that need to be made safe.

Safety points

As soon as your child starts to move, nothing is safe for him. Think for example of the burning scented candles on the table, a glass of lemonade at the edge of the table or even worse, hot coffee or tea.

sharp edges

Protect sharp edges that could hurt him. For example, the corners and edges of the tables. Special protective corners are available for purchase.

Pull and pull up

Your child will also take everything he thinks he can raise. For example, curtains or a tablecloth. You should not think that he wants to pull himself up on a tablecloth, but with that pulls everything on it. It is therefore better not to use a tablecloth. This also applies to drawers that he wants to pull up to, but instead pulls up, which makes it possible for him to fall (and with the contents). It is therefore better to place protective hooks on the drawers so that they can not be opened.
Place these hooks on cupboard doors, especially if cleaning agents are stored behind. Even better is of course the cleaning products to place high, where your child with no possibility can. Because protective hooks are also not saving ...

Small objects

It is obvious, but beware of small objects. Your child stops everything in his mouth and can suffocate. Only also for whole grapes and / or whole snack tomatoes. Always cut it for your child, because he can suffocate there too.

Toxic plants

Are you sure that the plants in your living room are not poisonous? Check this otherwise for the sake of certainty, because otherwise your child may well become ill.

The garden

Maybe you think at a safe house, not directly at the safety in your garden, but you better be prepared for it, because your child will love it in the garden. It is therefore important that it is as safe as possible for him.

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