OMG A horror night ... # blog55

I'm so stupid. So terribly stupid. I'm sure I'm going to regret this. Rob and I are going to a horror night in Kinepolis on 8 June. And believe me, I'm really un-suitable to go there. I always live fully with all characters, so I'm pretty much on the edge of my seat with every film. Because of this I do not watch a movie, I'm just in the middle of it.

I live with them, laugh with them, whine along (even with animated films, I do not make any distinctions here), but I'm also scared. And I never do that gently. My fear is always accompanied by loud screams. But then also really hard. Call it hysterical shrieking. And because of the shock I often squeeze in my hand, leg or arm - depending on what I have in my hands at the time - from my partner. Who often scares and gives a shriek. Although this can also come through the pain. I do not know exactly that.

Absurd empathy

That backward absurd empathy is not the only thing, because I am by nature scary anyway. I got that from my grandfather. That was that too. As a child, I always had the greatest satisfaction here. I thought it was wonderful to scare my grandfather. Not knowing that the same fate awaited me. It will be a karma thing. However, the combination horror film and I, is a very big mismatch. And yet I have tickets for the scariest horror film ever. And if that's not bad enough, we're not going to just watch that movie, but Kineplis turns it into a real Horror Night. What is almost synonymous with: goose bumps, uncontrolled screaming, extreme perspiration, nausea and an adrenaline rush.


OMG. And I gave up for that? Shit. Why the hell did I do that? Actually it started with a joke. "Hey, honey, there will be a Horror Night in Kinepolis soon. That is certainly not for us? Haha. " My laughter actually deafened immediately after I heard my partner say enthusiastically: 'Oh nice! Tell me a little more about it, because that sounds like something to me! "

Who A says ...

DAMN. That was not the intention, but yes, who says A, B must say. So I told him about this special horror evening on June 8 with lovers of the horror genre and the promise of this cinema chain that they will give you the fright of your life. I saw the eyes of my sweet beam shine immediately, followed by the words "We're going to do that!"

Wise lesson

And now I'm stuck with it and there's no escaping it. Fortunately, it takes a while before the 8th of June and I can enjoy life even more ... If I survive this, then at least I have learned a good lesson: Only share the information with your partner, where you yourself are interested in and otherwise wisely hold your lips together. I'm going to hang this on my mirror as a kind of mantra and say ten times a day for myself.

Do you like shit? Info about the Horror night

Maybe you are a bigger hero than me and you think - like Rob - is great to shudder, then you can still buy tickets for this event. Here is some practical information.

When: June 8, 2018
True: Kinepolis Breda, Dordrecht, Enschede, Groningen, Utrecht, Almere, Den Helder, Emmen, Oss, Zoetermeer and Hoofddorp (I would not take Zoetermeer, because that's where we are and there the public will be deaf of my screams).
21.45-22.00 hours Walk-in
22.00 - 22.05 hrs Short film Sweet Tooth
22.10 - 00.16 Hereditary
Kijkwijzer: Over 16 years
Tickets: 10.50 euros

Synopsis Hereditary

Director Ari Aster shows with his film debut a very disturbing view on a household that falls apart in an ominous way. After Charlie's grandmother dies, the terrible truth about the origins of the Graham family slowly comes to light. Annie, Charlie's mother, is forced to take a dark path to escape the fate that awaits them all.

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