Constellation Capricorn - The character of your child as Capricorn

Astrological nameCapricornus
PeriodDecember 22 - January 21
KeywordQuirky life core
Vulnerable body partKnee (tires), skin

Your little Capricorn has a wonderful maturity that can sometimes give you an insecure feeling. He can look at you seriously at times with a look of "Just do normal". Parents of Capricorns therefore stop the baby language a bit faster, because sometimes a can says more than 1000 words.

Capricorn children have a strong will and quickly know exactly what they want. If he does not get his way, he will not explode in a tantrum so quickly, but you will notice clearly that he does not agree with his attitude.
Capricorns are realistic and will not quickly dream about unattainable goals. He is deliberate and it seems as if everything is carefully thought out what he is doing.
With an insignificant 'no' on your part, he will not show much, but if this 'no' is about something important he will not be satisfied. He will probably not rebel, but he waits his time to strike. Because he will get his way! Now or then!

Capricorns are very regular. Fixed times for food and jars they can really appreciate, it also does not differ. Your little Capricorn does less of mischief and thieves than other children and as long as they are small, they like to be at home, between adults. Even much rather than having to play outside with peers.

A Capricorn has a serious and strong character. They will try to reach the top so that they can enjoy fame, success, prestige and money. During that road he can sometimes stand on toes, but according to the Capricorn, this is part of it.

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