The natural bond between father and child

The natural bond between father and child

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The natural bond between father and child

The natural bond between a father and his child, does that really exist? Does that start during pregnancy or only at birth? Does that bond exist all your life? Such a natural bond, can you also feel it? And how does that feel?
The natural bond between a father and his child is difficult to put into words. According to studies, a baby around the 23rd week of pregnancy already responds to sounds outside of mother's belly. A baby who regularly hears the voice of his father will recognize it after birth.

Hardly any research

Strikingly enough, there are numerous studies that measure how the bond between children and mothers is established and maintained, but very few studies about men and their offspring. When we talk about the natural bond between a father and his child, we are much more dependent on emotional issues, without scientific substantiation.

In mother's belly

Through extensive information to mother and father during pregnancy, listening to the heart of the baby and watching echoes, fathers become much more involved with their infant in the making. It has thus become easier for a father to feel all emotional involvement with his unborn child.

After the birth

You may have heard of the fact that all newborn babies, boys and girls carry the outward characteristics of their father. This natural protection would be to assure the father that the baby was actually conceived by him. Fact or fable? The scientific research to substantiate this claim is lacking. There is, however, a study in which the effect of great similarity in appearance and body odor between father and children has been investigated. According to the research results, the fathers paid more attention, time and money to the children who looked most like them.

To protect

The natural bond between a father and his children is mainly expressed in his urge to protect his child and his willingness to give up everything for it. Do not come to his daughter without being asked and do not hurt his son!

Fathers on the breach

That fathers have a very close, close bond with their children is also reflected in the number of men fighting after a divorce for his right to contact his child (ren). Fathers also feel the pain of loss when they do not have their children with them.

Importance of attachment

The natural bond that exists between a father and her child is of great importance for a growing child. A child who can attach himself safely to a parent gets a positive self-image and can grow socially and emotionally. Whereas people used to think that fathers primarily served as a role model, it is now agreed that a father plays a very important role in the upbringing of children.

To protect

The natural bond between a father and his child is difficult to put into words. You may need to feel it yourself, experience for yourself how it is when you become warm when you look at your child, how it feels when you want to save your child from disappointments and pain. Then you might believe that a father would want to give his life to protect his daughter or son. Or that he can feel when his child needs help without having asked for it.

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