Buying a buggy - What should you pay attention to?

A buggy is perfect for short walks or a quick message. They are foldable, easy to handle and you can easily take them with you. There are many different buggies for sale, how do you know which is most suitable for you? We put some tips for you in a row that you can take into account when purchasing.

What is a buggy?

A buggy is a kind of stroller, but a bit smaller and much lighter. The seating area is close to the ground because the wheels are smaller than those of a stroller. A buggy is made for quick and short use, because it offers little support to your child. It is therefore important that you only use one if your child can sit well independently, so from a month or 10. Although this is different for each child. You can continue to use the car until about its fourth year.

Benefits of a buggy

The advantages of a buggy is the weight. In addition, they are collapsible and do not take up much space. They are therefore super convenient for holidays, in the bakfiets, a short walk or a quick message. Another advantage is often the price. A buggy is much cheaper than a stroller.

Disadvantages of a bugg

A buggy is much less comfortable than a stroller. The wheels are a lot smaller and offer little comfort. If your child is in the car for a long time, this can be stressful for his bones. If you walk a long stretch with your child, a buggy is actually not recommended. It is also more difficult to change direction and rolls less easily on irregular surfaces. This is mainly due to the smaller wheels. This also pushes a buggy a bit heavier than a stroller.

Different types of buggies

There are buggies with four wheels or three wheels. Most have four, but sometimes you see buggies with a wheel less. A buggy with three wheels is slightly more stable on a non-flat surface, such as a forest path. There are also buggies that have different sitting and / or lying positions. Handy if your child falls asleep on the way. Then he is sitting or lying just a bit better.


The seat of a buggy must be at least 40 centimeters from the ground. The seat itself must be at least 21 to 23 centimeters wide.


Do you want to purchase a buggy? Then pay attention to the following points:

01) What do you want to use it for?
02) Does it often have to be folded? Then this should be easy and simple.
03) How much space does the buggy occupy when folded?
04) Are you going to walk with it on regular surfaces or not?
05) How much weight can the buggy have?
06) How heavy is the buggy?
07) Does he have an adjustable push rod?
08) What is the price?
09) How about your child?
10) Does the buggy have to be adjustable? Sitting / lying down?
11) How is your child stuck?
12) What kind of tires does the buggy (foam, foam or air) have?
13) Should the buggy have many accessories? (Parasol, rain cover, windbreak)
14) Should messages be transported with it?


And then there is also the price tag. There are buggies for sale of a few bucks but also a few hundred euros. Of course, the choice also determines your budget and how much importance you attach to beautiful details or certain characteristics. For example, the more expensive buggies often have height-adjustable handles. This can be useful, especially if you are a little longer. So it is nice when the push bar of the buggy is adjustable. The price is on average between fifty and one hundred euros. The fewer accessories, the cheaper the buggy.


There are buggy models that are specially designed for transporting two children. In duo buggies, the seats are placed behind each other or next to each other. This can be useful when you want to transport multiple children.

Running buggy

Do you want to run with your child? Then the running buggy might be a good idea. This buggy is ideal for running parents. The buggy is light and agile.

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