Monday morning a quarter to six # blog5

It is Monday morning a quarter to six and the alarm clock of man goes off. Fortunately, I do not have to! But unfortunately, sleeping while I know that I almost have to leave, does not work as well. I turn around again and watch the alarm clock now and then to see how much time I have left. I sometimes go to sleep between the wake-up call.


Around a quarter past six I hear the first sounds coming from the room next to ours. Our little one is awake. I decide to get out of bed and quickly get in the shower, just like that! While I am standing in the shower, I hear the door of the other bedroom open. Daughter is awake and comes to see what I am doing.
"Mom, can I take a shower too?"
'No, we do not have time for that and you showered last night'.
My answer is not much appreciated, but okay ...


More than a few minutes of showering is not possible, because the smallest one already calls 'MAMA!' I dress quickly, brush my hair and get son out of bed. Even the oldest son has now woken up and comes to look at his brother. I put the youngest on the ground and the three of us are going to play. Nice! A little time for me to blow my hair.

Screams and screams

In no time I hear screams and screams over the sound of the hair dryer coming out and I really have to go and see what the children are doing. It turns out not to be a fight, but an endless enthusiasm ... Glad they like it so much, but already?
"Can it be a little softer? It is not even seven o'clock yet, the whole neighborhood is still asleep "(I have said so often that daughter sometimes asks if the neighbors are still sleeping or that she is allowed to make noise.)
'Yes mom'
When I'm almost done with blow-drying, I hear screaming again; now argue! No idea who did it and no sense to appoint a guilty so early in the morning.
'Go all out and play alone. Just read a book or something. And do it gently! "

Karate step

Of course they do not quietly read a book and they continue to gobble until I'm done. Then it is time for the children to put on clothes. I give them the assignment to start already, while I dress the youngest on the changing table. This toddler has discovered hitting and kicking and I have already caught a karate kick before I am well awake. I lead him with 'head, shoulders, knee and toe' and that's how it stays happy with one kick.

Dress up!

Let's see how far the other two are now. Hmmm, a little less than I had hoped, but I will not complain, because the pajamas are almost out!
"Mama, do you want to help me? I'm so tired'
'If you take off your pajamas further, I'll help you dress up,' I tell the oldest while I first help his sister dress up. Put on clothes, comb your hair, make pigtails, gel in the crest, wash your face and go through ... Down.


Every day I am glad that we are already covering the table before we go to bed at night, so we can join in. Just get everything out of the fridge and we can sit down. I pour cups full of milk, ask everyone what he wants on his or her bread, peel the fruit for a while to school, make a second sandwich for the youngest, because the first one is already finished. And in between I try to work something inside myself.

It worked!

Anyone ready? Clean mouths and hands? Just play before we leave for school. Youngest goes into the box, so I can just brush my teeth and clean up the table. And then all of a sudden it's five past eight and we have ten minutes left before we have to go. The children still have to brush their teeth, all shoes and coats still have to. So hurry up again!
And then, fifteen minutes later, I deliver two children to school and I cycle back home with the third. We did it again! When we come home, our little one will play nicely and I will take a cup of tea. Now just quietly start the rest of the day ...

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