National Crocus Day - Also such a phrase in a croquette?

"Please, the menu." What are you taking for lunch? " I do not have to think twice about this question. "Bread with two croquettes and mayonnaise." My table companion is very surprised. "Do you eat croquettes with mustard?" Well, not I. I think croquettes with mayonnaise are delicious and especially on white bread. "Without butter, because that is unhealthy," I say jokingly, but with a croquette at lunch, you can always make me happy. 'National Day of Croquettes' is a holiday for me.

At the bakery!

Did you know that originally the meat croquette is a confectionery product? Nowadays you can not find them there anymore and you have to go to the snack bar for a tasty croquette or pull it out of the pure Dutch automatic. Loose or on a bun.
The meat croquette is probably originally from France. This first 'croquet' had the size of an egg and the filling was breaded and then fried in lard. That sounds a bit less tasty than the current croquette.

How is a croquette made?

The meat croquette is made from a salpicon of meat (a kind of thick ragout), which is formed into a roll in the cold state. After the mixture has cooled down, the croquette is formed, after which it is rolled through egg, flour and breadcrumbs so that the croquette is well sealed on all sides and the whole can not burst during the rest of the processing. After this, the croquette can go into the fryer and he will get a crusty crust.

Origin of the Croquettes Day

In 2014, the national croquette day was introduced, because of a book by a culinary journalist Johannes van Dam. The book is called, very surprisingly, "The Croquettes Book". The writer thought the croquette deserved more respect. He died before the book was published, two friends of the writer finished the book and declared October 9 (the birthday of Johannes van Dam) National Krokettendag.


We eat around 25 croquettes per year per person. I have the idea that I am getting the average out, because I eat a lot more per year. Not always the same because croquettes are available in many flavors and also per brand it can vary considerably. I recently ate a saté croquette with friends. Fried outside under the carport because they do not want to have fried air inside. And OMG what was that tasty! I really like that more than one or two ...

Besides the satay croquette and the famous beef croquettes, we also know the goulash croquette, chicken croquette, shrimp croquette and veal croquette. Since 2014 a lot of croquettes have been added, but I am not familiar with that. For example, the bean croquette, spinach croquette, salmon croquette and rice croquette.


The airy crust of a croquette cools quickly, but the inside can stay hot for a long time. Then it seems like you can eat the croquette, but you still burn your mouth. Especially watch out with children.
It has probably happened to you that you take a bite of a croquette and start to yodel immediately because you not only burn your tongue but also the rest of your mouth. Unfortunately, the feeling is known to me. I am quite an eager bite. When I see that steaming croquette in front of me, I do not have that much patience and I want to embrace him with my lips as quickly as possible.

Watch out with children

In children, it is better to cut the croquette directly into pieces so that the inside can also cool or crack. Make sure you practice so evenly so that you know for sure that the heat is the same everywhere.
If your baby is still very small, you better not give him fried food. A croquette can be painful for the teeth and gums due to the crunchy portion. Better wait so!

Have you gotten a crap? Then I would definitely score a crunch today! With mustard or - like me - with a big doll of mayonnaise. It is not for nothing National Krokettendag.

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