Constellation Gemini - The character of your child as Gemini

Astrological nameGemini
PeriodMay 22 - June 22
KeywordCompassionate life core
Vulnerable body partUpper respiratory tract

A twin child is rap and enterprising and you may be very alert, otherwise he will always escape you. Very quickly, your twin cribs are crawling through the house in search of adventure. He wants to research and is not limited in my possibilities. A box will probably be a drama for your twin child. Gemini is an air sign and air must be able to move freely.

He has no patience, but what is pure impatience for another is quite normal for a Gemini. Besides the fact that a twin child is super fast, he is also friendly and eager to learn. Of course you can tell him to slow down a bit - for himself - but do not limit him too much. Also a twin child may be who he is. If you try to curb him too much, to turn into someone he is not, he will become unhappy. Let him float, accompany him and you will be surprised by his special flights.

A twin child is lively and communicative and loves to have a nice cup of coffee. Twins are enthusiastic, but not very diligent, he always needs new things. Like a butterfly, he flutters from thing to thing. Because of the influence of Mercury, twins will always make a playful impression. Twins read a lot, orient themselves and are always willing to take new impressions. Their blanket is as fast as their commentary, speaking is easy for them, but listening all the more. They remember the most important words and forget the rest. If they quote something later, they often do wrong. But they do it so convincingly that nobody understands.

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