Pregnancy calendar - Week 38

How big?

Length± 48 cm
Weight± 3200 grams
Information about the photo
People have an extremely large head compared to their bodies. In order to force the baby through the pelvic cavity, the bones of the mother must first separate. The first time is always the hardest.


He is now ready for the delivery, if it starts now, you can just give birth at home. Most children are born between the 38th and 42nd week. So it can also take another four weeks. His down layer has already completely disappeared. He is about to stop growing and his most energy now goes to preparing for the delivery.


If your health and the health of your baby goes well, you can just enjoy the last steps and there will be no intervention.
Do you have a suitcase ready for when you have to go to the hospital? And made a list of important phone numbers?


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