Hatchimals HatchiBabies - Welcome sweet, cute Hatchimal!

A few days ago we were invited by Spin Master to get acquainted with the latest Hatchimals HatchiBabies. The egg would be hatched by Girl Djamila. Since I have hatched a lot of eggs, I want to be there, because of course I want to see this new Hatchimal born, at the moment of the introduction there is still an embargo on it. So watching may, shouting from the rooftops how nice and cute he is, that still has to wait.

Girl Djamila hatches the first HatchiBabies!

Girl Djamila breeds a few eggs with the help of a few children. Meanwhile everyone is provided with tasty snacks and drinks. How festive do you want it ?! When the peels of his head have fallen, a super cute Hatchibaby appears! A boy and a girl! And what are they super cute! Who would you like to put on the photo right away and share it with the whole world ?!
So I sit on my hands for a few days, stick a large patch on my mouth and dive underneath for certainty. But today is the day! Pull the biscuit with mice out of the cupboard because the Hatchimals Hatchibaby is officially born! And what is he cute!

Lovingly rubbing

Of course you also incubate this egg by lovingly rubbing it over. You can say nice words, but it is not necessarily necessary. If you've cuddled, rubbed and rocked the egg enough, then it's ready to come out! Your Hatchibababy needs all of his body to get out of the egg. When his peel is off, you can immediately see if you have become a mother of a boy or a girl.

Our baby is born! It is a boy! Ready to be cuddled and surrounded with a lot of love! You can see what he needs from the color of his eyes. Was that the case with real babies ...


In the egg - besides the baby - there are also a few accessories: a bottle, a brush, a toy, a mini Hatchibaby and a nameplate. So there is a lot of things to unbox and that only makes it more fun. You can feed the baby with the bottle. You push the beak down and put the bottle in its beak. You can play with the baby with the rattle. He will then sing and his eyes will look like a party lighting. He clearly enjoys it!

Dutch description

Fortunately, there is a good (Dutch language) description, where you can find what exactly the color of his eyes means. In the beginning it is still a bit of searching, but as a new mother you will learn very quickly what your baby needs! The description is not only about what is going on, but also how you can solve it.

Extra fun are the games that you can play with him, such as Peekaboo, Bouncing Baby or animal colors.

Specifications Hatchimals HatchiBabies

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