Tasty camping

We have a tiny KIP caravan, maybe you have already read about it because I've written about it before. Everything is essential to this caravan, but on the other hand it is also big enough. We only need to sleep in it and the bed is fine. After all, when the sun shines, we live completely outside. We have breakfast outside, we cook outside, we enjoy outside, et cetera. Incidentally, we can also cook in the caravan. That again, but it is small. I can not lose more than two pans. But actually you do not need it anymore. When it is dry, I prefer to cook on the outside device.

To enjoy

Do not expect culinary delights from me during the holidays. I have absolutely no need for that and I do not feel like it. That comes back home. For me, vacation means, above all, enjoyment and above all, no need to. On the other hand, I do like good food ...

Tasty camping

The moment I have this book in my hands, I know right away: This is a book for me! It does not yet have the title: 'For Marion', but that would have been possible. This booklet is full of simple dishes for the campsite. Dishes that I can prepare in or for my bantam chicken. That makes my family happy. I in any case.

What can you expect?

Well especially recipes of delicious, easy to make, dishes. But in this book you will also find great camping stories from celebrities.
However, I have one point of criticism and that is the amount of ingredients. In the caravan there is a small fridge, nice to be able to keep something cool, but much more than a drink, a cup of butter, bread and the meat for the evening, will not fit. Also in the cupboards not much more than some herbs, a bottle of ketchup and a bag of pasta. When I look at the recipes and see 'gherkins, rocket, yogurt, horseradish cream, pre-cooked beets, baguettes and hamburgers', for example, I think it's going to be difficult. That baguette goes well, those hamburgers also succeed, but what do I do with the rest of the ingredients? I need only a little bit of it and the remainder has to be kept refrigerated. That is not going to fit. As far as I am concerned, the dishes should have contained less ingredients.

In my own kitchen

If I just start using the cookbook in my own kitchen, I'll be happy with the thought. Because they are really tasty, healthy, easy and tasty dishes! And in my kitchen is a huge fridge and if I can not get it there, there is still one in the attic. It will be alright. So nothing is wrong with the cookbook. The space in the caravan ... well, I'm going to talk about it but not about it anymore.

I would say: Eat tasty! At home or at the campsite!

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TitleTasty camping
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PhotographySimone van den Berg (Fresh Food Photos)
Number of pages160
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