Termination of pregnancy

Breaking the pregnancy - A difficult decision ...

During your pregnancy you can opt for prenatal diagnosis. With these studies, risk factors can be excluded or identified during pregnancy, and possible congenital abnormalities in the unborn child can be identified. You can opt for prenatal research for different reasons, but realize that in addition to reassurance, it can also give a staggering result. For example, when the condition to which the research is done appears to be present, or if another condition, abnormality or risk factor is unexpectedly found.

Difficult decision

Parents who have made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy in connection with a serious condition or abnormality of their unborn child, lose a usually very desirable child.
The farewell of the child evokes confusing feelings, doubts and questions. Who am I that I may decide not to let this child be born? Why did we just have a child with a disability? Could we have prevented this; What did we do wrong?
Once the decision has been taken to interrupt the pregnancy, the method by which this is done depends on the duration of the pregnancy.

Breaking of pregnancy and sadness

The sadness, and the processing of the loss, of parents who deliberately opt for pregnancy interruption is comparable to that of parents whose child is born 'spontaneously' lifeless or dies shortly after giving birth. The parents must be able to live their own way with their decision and the memory of this child. The processing process takes time and can sometimes take a long time.

Mental health problems

Pregnancy interruption is not nothing. Research by obstetrician Marijke Korenromp shows that one in five women who have a pregnancy aborted due to serious abnormalities of her baby, often years later still with psychological problems.
Another study shows that one in five women and one in twenty men seven years after this difficult decision, show symptoms of traumatic stress. With most parents, processing appears to take half to one and a half years. About 19 percent of women versus 10 percent of men need longer or are more troubled by problems. This study, which was carried out in nine Dutch hospitals, involved 962 parents who had terminated a pregnancy.


It is estimated that 550 pregnancies are terminated each year because the baby has a serious abnormality such as Down's syndrome, a spina bifida or a severe heart defect. This number of 550 is increasing.
This increase is due, on the one hand, to the improved techniques of prenatal research, as a result of which deviations are demonstrated earlier.
On the other hand, the average age at which women get children increases - and therefore also the risks - so that more and more women, after extensive prenatal research, are faced with the difficult choice of pregnancy interruption.

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