Worms or aarsmaden

Only the word 'aarsmaden' gives you all the jitters. However, these worms or aarsmaden can occur in the stools of children. Many children get to experience one or more times here. Evil can luckily only rarely, but your child may have itching around the anus. If your baby gets itchy there is a chance that he suffers from these aarsmaden.

Aarsmaden are very thin white worms of an inch long. The official name for aarsmaden is Oxyuren, but it is popularly called worms. In a few cases it can also be larvae of the dog or catworm worm.

What can you do about it?

To prevent further contamination it is important to act as hygienically as possible. Contamination is often transmitted with the hands. Fortunately, there are cures for sale at a pharmacy or chemist with which you can treat your baby. The cure is harmless for us, but kills the worms. You can possibly treat brothers and sisters preventively. Children under the age of two may not have it because there has been insufficient research on the functioning of these children of this age.

If you do not want to do your own doctor, you can of course also go to the doctor, so that he can prescribe a cure.

Make sure the nails are as short as possible and his hands were regular. At the beginning of the treatment it is advisable to change the bedding daily.

How can you discover it?

Aarsmaden itching, your child will suffer from itching around the anus. You can also see the worms in the stool move. He will mainly have itching at night, because then the worms come out to lay eggs around the anus. Because it is itchy your baby will scratch and the anus can be red and irritated.

If your child suffers from dog or catworm worms, he will notice little. In a single case, he may develop symptoms such as cough, flu or fever. The menswormworm, which can give the same symptoms supplemented by diarrhea and nausea, is not common in the Netherlands. These can be found more in tropical countries.

A tapeworm gives almost no complaints, at most a sensitive belly.

How does your child get hookworms?

He may suffer from worms when, for example, he has swallowed an egg unnoticed. He will not notice that, because the eggs are so small that you barely see them. Through the mouth, the eggs automatically enter the intestines and they grow into worms.


The chance of infection is high, because he gets itchy, scratches his buttocks and spreads the eggs that way. He will continue to infect himself and others in this way. Aarsmaden will automatically disappear if no new infection follows. Eggs only grow into worms in the gut and not outside the body.

How does your baby get a dog or catworm worm?

Your child can get infected with these roundworms through the sandbox. The eggs are in their poo. In itself, the eggs are not directly contagious because they first have to mature for about two weeks in the open air. The eggs can eventually disappear into your mouth through the hands of your child. But this can also happen, for example, by eating unwashed fruit or vegetables from the vegetable garden!

How does your child get tapeworms?

Your child may become infected with a tapeworm if he eats raw meat, such as raw minced meat.

How can you prevent worms?

We said it before, good hygiene is important, but we have a few tips to prevent aarsmaden:

- wash your hands after each toilet visit and before eating
- was fruit and vegetables before you eat them
- cut the nails of your baby shortly
- always use clean washcloths and use different washcloths for the upper and lower body.
- always clean the WC properly, including the doorknobs and flushing knob
- make sure that the meat is well cooked
- if your pet suffers from roundworms, buy a cure as soon as possible

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