Glam Goo Deluxe Pack

A few days ago we already discussed a Glam Goo product, namely the confetti pack. Today I went to work with the Deluxe pack. In this package you will find a larger bowl of mucus, even more bling-bling glitters, two dyes and a beautiful, glamorous storage box. It looks beautiful and well cared for.

Who is not slimming?

That mucus is popular, I do not have to say, that may be clear. You only have to look around you or on social media. Youtube in particular has been transformed into a sort of oasis full of slime ministry. MGA Entertainment is responding well with the Glam Goo line. With this package you can make even more fabulous mucus and store it in a cool bag in the shape of a perfume bottle! So you always have your favorite mucus close to you! The 'bottle' gives space to 9 different slime creations.

What's in the box?

Once you have opened the box, the beautiful, spectacular, bling-bling storage perfume bottle holder immediately catches the eye. Furthermore, I find in the box: a pink box with mucus, 3 bottles with shiny decorations, pink and blue dye, a ring (holder), a small bottle with a kind of oily substance and an ieniemienie scoop to create the colorants from the trays .


With all this stuff you are completely complete to decorate your own mucus, in various ways and in different colors. That is of course very nice and especially if you are not so skilled in making mucus - like me - then such a ready-made package is of course very nice. The names used such as Unicorn Tears, Daydreams or Cloud Crunch appeal to the imagination and it requires little explanation how the package can be used.

My opinion

The package is complete and looks well cared for. When I remove the mucus from the packaging, it strikes me that at first it is still very sticky. All my fingers stick to each other and I hardly get it off my fingers. However, if I knead it for a while, the sticky mass quickly turns into beautiful, usable mucus.

The different decorations are very beautiful and inviting to use. You immediately feel like getting started with it. Nice to provide the 'perfume bag' with different types of slimy creations.

Dried out

The package looks nice and well cared for, but when I want to use the (colored) mucus the next day, I notice that it has already become stiffer. It therefore dries out quickly, even in the storage box, so the mucus is not really usable any more. That is unfortunate, because this package has a hefty price tag.
The package also contains a bottle with a kind of oily substance. You can add a few drops to the dehydrated mucus and then there is a little bit of stretch, but as delicious as it initially felt, that feeling I do not get back and that is really a shame.

Watch the video

Of course I also made a short film of this again. Do you like the movie? Then press the blue thumb!

Specifications Glam Goo Deluxe Pack

TitleGlam Goo Deluxe Pack
BrandMGA Entertainment
price32.99 euros

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