Constellation Cancer - The character of your child as Cancer

Astrological nameCancer
Period22 June - 24 July
KeywordSpiritful life core
Vulnerable body partGastrointestinal tract

A lobster child loves unconditionally and asks little back. He can give better than take. A lobster is instinctive and intuitive and he is able to absorb the smallest mood swings. He can also change from one to the next moment of mood. He can be influenced and sometimes gets carried away by his emotions.

Your lobster baby will be delighted with all the things that he sees, experiences and tastes. He experiences everything intensely and does not forget his experiences quickly.
Cancer children need a lot of love, much more than Pisces. The atmosphere of the early life of the lobster is extremely important to him and will leave a deep impression on him. Lobsters will for a long time be very dependent on the reactions from their immediate environment. Laugh with your lobster, cry with your lobster and give him a sense of security. Give him a good basis and sus - where necessary - his fears.

They need a huge base of trust to honestly say what they want. The lobster child may be rather shy to express his real desires. He longs for warmth, caresses, hugs and recognition.
No matter how accommodating and quiet most Lobsters are, they stand for good leadership. Despite their sensitivity and friendliness, they are not followers. They are individualists in thinking and doing. But they are also hypersensitive and because of this character they are quickly deeply insulted, sensitive and irritable. This is because they overvalue, because however modest they happen, they are very proud of themselves.

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