Constellation Aquarius - The character of your child as Aquarius

Astrological nameAquarius
PeriodJanuary 21 - February 20
KeywordSpiritual life core
Vulnerable body partCalf, ankles, muscles
PlanetSaturn, Uranus

Your Waterman is an energy-vibrant, sensitive, stubborn, independent piece of ingenuity and electrical impulses. His brains vibrate like high-frequency radio waves. He can only handle orders, or even friendly questions. His first answer will be 'No!' to be. But when he can think about it for a moment, can look at it from all sides, it can happen that this 'No' suddenly turns into a 'Yes'. Raising a Watermind can be a big responsibility. In their minds a solid dose of practical sense combines with an almost creepy perception and a razor-sharp, probing logic. That can cause confusion ... certainly from the moment he goes to school. Do not start the discussion with him, you will undoubtedly lose it. He also rarely is wrong ... Provide peace in the house, and harmony, in which a Waterman is the best.

Aquarius always have a bunch of friends behind them, but the composition varies every day. He loves the world, nature and people. Your Watermindind is most happy when he can bury through nature, with a few frogs in his pocket and boots so that he can pound in the puddles.
An Aquarius loves company. He is friendly and compassionate, but can also be impersonal. He wants to treat everyone equally and does not have real favorites. An Aquarius sometimes acts fickle but has his heart in the right place.

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