The appeal of pixels # blog18

When you are no longer allowed on your smartphone at home, because you are nowhere to poke when you are constantly staring at that screen, then you just pick up your forgotten laptop and if you then also have to deliver the laptop, because you do nothing more than sit on the laptop chat with virtual friends and play min-craft, then you just secretly grab your mother's tablet and if your mother then hides her tablet, then you 'just' forget about your smartphone to hand in when you come out of school and you are caught on your smartphone, when your mother angrily completely invades your smartphone and gives you a cell phone with which you can only text and call, then you simply abuse the fact that you need the laptop for homework and then spend hours playing games and chatting. And when your mother then imposes clear restrictions on the laptop use, namely 'ask permission' when you need it, then you do that three days neatly and then 'forget' again and she catches you happily playing games behind the laptop, as she stumbles over the mess in your room and notices that a lot of other tasks have been 'forgotten'.

Respectless things

When your mother gets really angry, you look at her with glassy eyes and say your disrespectful things, but that is puberty. Just pop it over and over again and then it is enough.
"To ask permission once more for the use of the laptop and he will soon receive wings." I say angrily.
Yes, you can really go too far with your computer addiction.

sorry Mama

"Sorry mom" you finally say and then give me a big hug. The next morning you need your laptop to view your schedule and walk into my bedroom (where I keep it) and say, "Good morning, I'll take my laptop and look at my schedule."
"Hey, is that permission?" I say sore
"Uh, but I have to look at my schedule." You say bewildered.
"That is not my problem, that is your problem, that is not asking permission. I still do not understand it. You are not entitled to that laptop, you need it? Then flee. "I hold on.
You protest, 'Yes, but'
"You still do not understand. You can not deal with it, you have to learn how to deal with it. I help you with that, so you have to ask me for permission. If not, you can not look at your laptop and then YOU have a problem at school, not me. "I hold on.

Without smartphones

Sometimes I wonder how we survived our youth, without smartphones and laptops. We had an agenda where our schedule was in and sometimes came to school to find out that the first hour had failed. Then we went to do homework. What a world disaster that was.

Deep sigh

With a deep sigh you ask for permission and then come back to bring it back neatly. In the afternoon you come home and you get bored. No smartphone, no laptop and no tablet at your disposal. You grumble, you start nagging. Try again to make mine your problem.

Tidy and swept!

"Then you're going to do something, do homework for example, or draw, you can do that well, or you're going to clean your room, or do you know what? I can also use some help with tidying up. "I say. Then you are quiet and I no longer hear you. You start drawing and show me some beautiful drawings. You are going to do homework and proudly say that you have finished almost everything for this week, you are even cleaning up your room and after a few days I arrive downstairs in the mornings and you have even cleaned up and swept the living room.

Something finally starts to get through to someone here. Pfoeh, it takes some effort, but then you also have something. We will see if the appointment with the smartphone can be complied with this week.

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