Good intentions # blog26

Good intentions, do they always sound so good in your head? I always get a romantic picture with good intentions. Especially if they are sporting intentions. You know that well, I imagine that after the 'summer vacation' every weekday morning at 7 o'clock go to the gym.

In my mind I wake up cheerfully and rested, turning off the alarm clock, putting my bed straight out into my sportswear - because showering will come later - jumping on my bike and cycling to the gym. It is always nice weather in my mind and it never rains. In the gym I do my thing for more than an hour or an hour and a half, I have a sauna for a while before I take a shower and then go home fresh and cheerful. It is still not raining and I feel great the rest of the day. And this day in, day out.

However, reality is always so different. With me at least. If I wake up so early by my alarm clock, my day actually did not start that well. So that cheerful wake up is not really realistic. The first thing I think is: "Jeeeeeeus, I do not want to wake up yet, it's too early. I should not have watched that one episode on Netflix last night. " Anyway, that first day I pull myself out of bed because I want to keep my good intentions faithful and I am still enthusiastic. Because day 1. So I sit on the edge of my bed and feel that I am getting older in my whole body. Stiff. And not even a bit. So I collect all my courage to stand up. That will eventually work and laboriously I then stumble to the bathroom. All my bones and muscles have to get going and I realize that I am awake and feel so stiff.
I put on my sportswear, take a look outside. Rain. Bah. So I leave that bike on the left and pick up the car. Once in the gym, my tongue hangs on my ankles after half an hour. Even for a sauna I feel too tired. I do shower before I drive home. The rest of the day I feel broke and my muscles hurt and at the end of the day I think: 'Do I have to go again tomorrow?'

I made such a good intention, for after the holiday. That sounds so nice far away, but there is a day and then it's 'tomorrow' or even worse ... the moment the alarm goes off.

I made such a good intention, cycling. For some time I really want an e-bike, precisely because my knees and hip are protesting and I really like cycling. I intend to cycle to Boskoop from Friday afternoon (from The Hague). That is, if I cycle, cycling for one and a half hours and on Sunday I cycle back again. When I think of it now, I am really looking forward to it. It seems to me wonderful to cycle such a piece. Gentle wind through my hair, sun on my ball, singing along with the music in my ears, enjoying nature and the peace around me, life smiles at me. Equipped, smiling and with a good feeling I arrive in Boskoop.
I only fear that reality will become so much different. That halfway through the pouring rain I ask myself what the hell I started on? And if I was with my full mind during my departure. And that one and a half hour of cycling is quite a long way for someone who has hardly cycled for a few years.

But I did make the plan. And I do not have that e-bike yet, so that sounds nice and far away, but also for this moment comes the moment that halfway through that ride I realize that this was not such a good idea and that I did better. could have started with half an hour or so. And then I realize that two days later, I really have to return to The Hague on my bike ...

But I am stubborn. Even for myself. So I remain faithful to these intentions. For now then. Because it sounds so nice far away.

See you soon!

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