Posters - Totally hip: fond memories of your wall

meet the next big thing in interior design: decorating your wall with personal, precious memories. Forget about the standard photo frames and photo collages: posters are now completely hip. And we do not mean those half rumpled posters of pop idols that used to be taken out of teen magazines and then hung on your wall. No, today's posters are of high quality and go well with any interior style. From industrial to Scandinavian and from shabby chic to rural: what your wall urgently needs is a bunch of cool posters of your dog, your shoot, your girlfriends or your family.

Your most beautiful photos immortalized in a special way

Sometimes you make a picture (accidentally or not) that you think: I have to cherish this picture. The picture is just right: the composition, the colors and the lighting, the atmosphere that exudes the picture and of course the people who stand on it. That can be a vacation snapshot of the whole family, but also a playful photo of your pet, your child or your group of friends. How cool would it be to have those most beautiful photos immortalized in a special way? We have good news: it is possible!

You can have your photos printed on poster size for some time. The result is certainly not shabby: the quality is truly amazing. The posters are colourfast, sharp and the poster paper is surprisingly beautiful. You determine the size of the poster yourself. You can also choose between a matte or glossy poster. You finish it off by directly ordering a nice list that matches the color & structure of your wall. You have the choice of numerous lists with or without passe-partout. How cool is that ?!

Mix & match

For example, it is a nice idea to have different photos printed as posters of different sizes. Mix & match various lists and you create in this way a great poster wall that is also very unique. Because say for yourself: how many people have you encountered such a hip wall so far? You can of course just choose one poster in a larger format. This keeps the rest of the wall quiet, but you can still enjoy a beautiful and precious memory in your living room.
What you hang on the wall partly determines the look of the room. It is not for nothing that art is so popular with many people. A beautiful painting above the couch or fireplace gives your living room a personal touch and creates a cozy atmosphere. The same applies, of course, to photos and posters. You choose the most beautiful memories yourself. By hanging it on your wall, you are constantly reminded of it. That gives a nice, secure feeling.

Posters in the nursery

A poster print is also a fantastic idea for the nursery. A beautiful photo of your child or your family will soon give the nursery a personal and somewhat charming look. In addition, your sprout always has something beautiful to look at when he or she can not sleep! Because you have the choice of frames in various colors and thicknesses, you can easily choose what is most beautiful with the rest of the interior of the nursery. For example, the Scandinavian nursery is completely hip. For this style, choose a wooden frame in a light color: this is how your poster comes into its own! Order a handy hanging system for your poster at the same time: that way you can be sure that it stays in place safely and securely.

Now you have a nice excuse to take pictures of everything your child does: after all, you are looking for the best copy to be printed on poster size!

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