Zodiac sign Scorpio - The character of your child as Scorpio

Astrological nameScorpio
PeriodOctober 24 - November 23
KeywordPassionate life core
Vulnerable body partGenitals, bladder, urinary tract
PlanetMars, Pluto

Scorpions have a strong body from birth. His body thus typifies his strong own will. Because Scorpions have a huge strong will that you can still get a lot of. Your Scorpions child wants to win and for a fight he will not run away quickly. He prefers to jump in the middle to show who the winner is! Unlike the Libra, a Scorpio does not like a compromise.

A Scorpion has a tight hand of upbringing, with a lot of discipline. He has to learn to deal with the weaker, to accept his loss, to treat adults with respect and above all to forgive if someone else does something he does not like. The Scorpion child has a good mind and a captivating personality. When you are consistent in your actions, your Scorpion's child will eventually admire you for the strength that you exhibit. He loves people who are stronger than himself.
A Scorpion likes to have little secrets, so give him that too. Give him, for example, a large box that he can lock. He will love it.

Scorpions are smart and ambitious and can be very blunt, even against the rude, against people they do not like. They are demanding and less forgiving. Scorpions would like to know everything, but they do not gossip. He just wants to know everything that is hidden, and therefore asks essential questions.

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