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A bronzer is almost inseparable from the make-up base set. You use a bronzer to apply shadows to the face in order to realize a more ideal shape. Pure optical deception, but one that works well and for which you do not have to go to the plastic surgeon.

Dark and light

By making certain areas of the face darker or lighter, it seems as if your face is becoming narrower and certain parts come forward.
Where you use the highlighter to make the right parts of your face jump out, use your bronzer to make certain places less noticeable. With the help of these two products and a bit of blush, you can play with the shape of your face.

Playing with colors

Applying a shadow to your face is pure play with color and shape. Shadow and light. There are bronzers in various colors and what the perfect color is for you, you can only find out by varying it a bit. In any case, always make sure that no sharp lines are visible, but that everything flows into each other nicely. No dark stripes, but color nuances that blend into each other, so that your makeup forms a beautiful whole.

Where do you put the bronzer on?

On the image (below) you see the places where you can apply the bronzer. To make it as clear as possible, these are sharp stripes, but that is of course not intended to remain so. You can apply it in this way, if you then blur the spots, so that everything merges nicely into each other. There are special brushes for sale.
Inquire about this at your pharmacy. Of course you can also do it with your fingers, if you like this. However, do not use your fingers in the palette, because you always leave a little bit of grease from your hands in the powder. This will ultimately do the powder no good and that is really a shame.


With bronzer and highlighter you are not alone. Do not forget to put a small amount of blush in the right place for the finishing touch. You can see on the image that the blush can be applied just above the bronzer.

Bronzing & Countouring palette from Pupa (Limited edition)

Today we test the beautiful bronzing palette of Pupa. In this palette you will find four colors:
1. Bronzer
2. Countouring bronzer
3. Highlighter
4. Blush

Pupa Milano combines the contouring products with bronzing products in a beautiful palette. You can get a natural and even bronzed complexion in just four steps!

The steps

1. Bronzer

The bronzer gives a natural complexion with a radiant finish. Apply the bronzer over the entire face with circular movements.

2. Contouring Bronzer

Because of the darker color and matt finish than the bronzer this product is perfect to shape the facial features and to balance the shape of the face by playing with shadow and light.

3. Highlighter

The highlighter can be perfectly used for the strobing effect and emphasize the upper parts of the face and let them shine.

4. Blush

The blush is for decorating cheeks and cheekbones. The blush stays well and adheres nicely to the skin. The blush gives a subtle glow in the face.

Price and availability

This beautiful palette from Pupa is a limited edition, so only temporarily for sale. You can find it at the better drugstore or perfumery for 28.95 euros. A beautiful product that should not be missing on your dressing table.

Video: Tutorial Make Up Contouring & Strobing #READY4SELFIE Palette. Giorgio Forgani per PUPA Milano

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