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It is Sunday 18 March and we are on our way to Amsterdam for the workshop of Nintendo LABO, the new way of playing with the Nintendo Switch. Officially only from April 27 in the Netherlands for sale, but we are allowed to try it today. That is not only fun, but also exciting. Rocco has been looking forward to it for weeks. How fat is it to be one of the first to play with this!

What is Nintendo LABO?

Maybe you have already read something about it, maybe not. With Nintendo LABO the Nintendo Switch gets a new inventive function. Toy-Con workshop introduces the basic principles of technology in a fun and accessible way. Nintendo Lab users can combine different, simple input and output options to create new ways of playing. A mouthful, but what means that you can build something from cardboard and bring it to life with the Nintendo Switch. And that is challenging, cool and above all very nice. The possibilities seem almost unlimited.

To build

When you start the software you get a clear instruction how to turn the cardboard plate into a building kit. The steps are easy to follow and at a pace that suits you. Only when you are done with the step, will you proceed to the next step. After the package has been built, you can decorate it according to your own wishes. The kit is made of cardboard, so you can draw, color or paste everything. Whatever you like.

And is your building kit decorated to your satisfaction? Then the fun begins! With the help of the Joy-Con controllers, your kit is brought to life. What you can do with it depends a little on the construction package you have chosen. During the workshop we tinker a 'car', but it can also be easily converted into Eland or Elephant.

Different types of packages

For the moment, Nintendo comes with two different packages: The mix package and - the big favorite of Rocco: The robot kit! With a backpack on you crush the whole world! You are suddenly that huge robot on the screen and he follows exactly the movements you make! How fat is that! Even Rob has turned the backpack around to play the game.
With the mix package you can build various things such as: a piano, motor, rod, house and the model car. However, I can not escape the impression that the number of packages will be further expanded in the future.

To discover

If you have decorated the kit and you have been able to play with it, it is of course interesting to discover how it all works! Because if you know how it works, there is much more to discover, design, build and improvise. All different parts can be combined with each other. So you can use your piano to make a fish for the aquarium (yes, it sounds crazy, but it's possible) and that you can fish out with your casting rod. But you can also drive your model car with your fishing rod, for example.

If you know how it works ....

If you understand the principle of how it works, then it is The sky the limit! Because from that moment on you can start working with cardboard yourself and build your creations! How fat is that! This ensures that Nintendo LABO is challenging from small to large! The little ones will mainly get their pleasure from decorating and playing. Older children and adults will especially come up with new combinations and build their own creations.

From 27 April

Nintendo Labo will be released on 27 April in the form of two packages: the mix package and the robot package. Both packages contain everything you need to bring your Toy-Con to life, including the building materials and associated Nintendo Switch software.

How does it work?

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