Washing hands - The international day of Hand washing

Today is the International Day of Hand Washing. That is very similar to the international day of Hand Hygiene, but that is on 5 May. Both days do not differ so much from each other, except that the International Day of Hand Hygiene is more grafted on health care and the day of Hand washing for everyone. But on both days it's all about clean hands.

All day our hands come into contact with bacteria and viruses. You can imagine that - through our hands - those sick people come to our food very easily and are eaten by us. All those different disease processors love it in our bodies and multiply, making you sick.

Global Washing Day

Since 2008 there has been more international attention for washing hands and as a result the Global Washing Day was born. The campaign is aimed at reducing child mortality because intestinal and respiratory infections are often transmitted through hands. The least expensive solution is to make parents and children aware that hand washing with soap is important. In poor countries, this campaign often goes hand in hand with other campaigns such as water, sanitation and hygiene.

Wash hands!

'Washing hands' is something we often heard as a child when you came from the toilet. And what is standard in many because it has been part of the education. This also applies if you are going to eat: Wash your hands first!

But besides these two important moments, there are of course many more good hand washing moments:

Before cooking and after touching raw meat, raw chicken, raw eggs and raw vegetables
After petting (house) animals
After cleaning
If your child is back from playing outside
After changing your child
After coughing / sneezing and blowing your nose

Wash your hands well

I myself am someone who puts my hands under the tap dozens of times a day, dry and ready. Usually very fast but at times longer. But how were you good now? Because in order to wash your hands well, you will see more than just keep your hands under the water, with or without soap.

Wash your hands well

Before you wash your hands, it is best to take off your rings. Bacteria can accumulate under your rings. Better to take them off first, so that you can get well anywhere.
Wet your hands under the tap and then soap them with soap. Make sure that both the top of your hands and the bottom are lathered. Do not forget the fingertips and under your nails. Also rub the soap well between your fingers. Rub back and forth a few times until you are sure that the soap has touched all parts of your hands. Then you can rinse the soap well from your hands.

The temperature of the water does not matter. Both cold or warm water will clean your hands well.

And the soap?

You can use the best liquid soap and no soap block. Soap bacteria often remain behind on a soap block and then spread further.

Dry well

If you have washed your hands well, they must of course also be dried. Do you do that to that grubby towel that has been hanging there for a few days, then you're back to where it is. The best thing is to use a disposable paper towel, but if you find it difficult at home, make sure you hang a clean towel at least once a day.

Alternative washing

If there is no clean water and you still want clean hands, use alcohol-based disinfectant hand gel. This only works if there is visible dirt on your hands.

Prefer a movie?

Singing washing your hands

Video: Global Handwash day - Handwashing steps video

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