Security in the bathroom

Of course, besides a beautiful bathroom, you also want a bathroom that is as safe as possible for your children. Everywhere big and small is in danger, so also in the bathroom. To limit accidents to the minimum, we provide a number of tips to make the bathroom as safe and child-friendly as possible.

Anti slip

Prevent slipping and place a non-slip mat on slippery surfaces. This prevents slipping and ugly falls. Especially when slippery surfaces become wet, it can become a large ice rink in your bathroom. Of course you can also opt for the anti-slip stickers, for example in the bathtub and / or shower cabin. Do not forget the floor in front of the sink.


Did you know that water of 55 degrees Celsius can give a child severe burns within 30 seconds? Teach your toddler or toddler that he always first opens the cold tap before adding the hot water. And closing, of course, must be exactly the opposite. First the hot tap, then the cold.

Do you want to limit the risk to the minimum? Then install a thermostatic valve. Please note, however, that a thermostat tap on the outside can also become hot. Some types of thermostatic valves have a 'cool touch'. The outside of the tap never gets warmer than the set water temperature. This allows your child to grab the crane without harming yourself.
When searching for beautiful bathrooms at you will also find a wide range of thermostatic valves, in various price categories.

Medicine cabinet

For your toddler or toddler, those colorful pills and powders look like one big candy store. That they do not taste as good as smarties or winegums, they only find out when they have chatted through the sweet layer. Dangerous, so make sure the medicine cabinet is out of their reach. An extra lock on the box would, of course, be even better.

Bath seat

For the little ones you can use a bath seat when he goes into the big bath. A bath chair is a safe tool that supports his head, shoulders and back. For larger children there are other models that allow them to play well in the bath. Do not, however, let your baby alone in a bath, even in a bath chair!

Everything at hand

When your baby is having a bath, make sure that everything is ready or lying before you put it in the water, so that you do not have to leave it alone for a second. And is the phone going? Letting you ring. If it is important, you will be called back.


Small children are often alone with the lower part in the hot water. Their upper body can thus cool quickly. Therefore, ensure a pleasant temperature in the bathroom. This means, however, that this heat source can also be a cause of combustion. Your child can burn if he takes the hot tubes. You can safely shield these pipes with radiator coverings. Simply available at do-it-yourself stores. Does the radiator have sharp edges or corners. Special protection corners are also available for this.

Waste bin

Do not forget the bin in the bathroom! Strangely you throw your waste in there, but it is then one big exciting grab bag for your child. And in many cases, so for grabs because they are on the ground.

Handy steps

Provide useful steps in the bathroom so that your child can access anywhere he needs to be able to access. For example, at the sink to brush his teeth. There are even steps that you can pull out just like a drawer. How convenient and beautiful is that!

And you…

The bathroom is of course not only for the kids, but is just as much a relaxation place for you! A hot bath or invigorating shower can sometimes work wonders! Mute a little, put nice tiles on the wall for a relaxing view and enjoy ... Just a moment for yourself.

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