Constellation Sagittarius - The character of your child as Sagittarius

Astrological nameSagittarius
PeriodNovember 23 - December 22
KeywordMeaningful life core
Vulnerable body partHips, thighs, buttocks

Sagittarius are happy, playful miniature clowns who laugh with tears in their eyes when they are rejected. But do not leave your little Sagittarius alone, he will have tremendous sadness. Put him in your (house) room. The human sounds, the chatter and laughter, will work soothingly for him so that he will sleep on. As long as he is small, he needs the protection of human faces, smells and sounds. If he does not have this around, your Sagittarius can withdraw and maybe become a bit sarcastic. He will look for a surrogate in a pillow or stuffed animal. But he would rather have you ...

As a child, an Sagittarian is already casual and this characteristic he keeps for life. Honesty is very important to him and he will only listen to honesty and justice. Do you ever feel wrong? Tell him honestly, dare to admit to him wrong. This is very important to him. Your Sagittarius is very eager to learn and will bombard you with many 'why-questions'.

Archers were born for the search for happiness. He chases many goals and hopes that every goal brings a new reward. If he does not find this, he is grateful for the experience and is already on his way to another goal. He learns a lot during the trip and becomes wiser.

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