SpaceXperience with André Kuipers in space

"Tring tring tring". I pick up and say my name. On the other hand, I hear: "Can you go to the SpaceXperience with Rocco on November 3?" In my calendar I see that I have no other appointments, I google here and soon find more information about this happening. I think that not only Rocco will find this interesting, it also seems to me something. Before we break the connection, let me know that it seems nice to me.

On to the Ziggo dome

Last weekend it was that far. Together with Rocco I drive to the Ziggo dome in Amsterdam. I hope for a parking spot nearby but with 13,000 other visitors I can forget that. Soon I notice that we are not the only ones who wanted to be 'on time'. There is already a big row of people in front of the doors of Ziggo dome. Fortunately, Rocco is a pleasant chatter and time goes smoothly. As soon as the bags have been checked (you are not allowed to take food and / or drinks with you), we can go inside.

Pretty pricey

Inside I buy a few coins (3 euros each) to buy some goodies. Everything turns out to be pretty pricey, so we are quickly through our stock. As hefty as the prices are, the portions turn out to be so small. I decide not to think about it for too long, because we come for André Kuipers and his SpaceXperience and not for the snacks. His first performance was already in 2017 and was conceived because of the fact that space travel exists for 60 years. And now it was Into the future live.


When I look around, it seems to be sold out. I can only discover a few empty seats when the show starts. André Kuipers comes on, with a lot of light spectacle, and talks about his study of medicine and how he eventually ended up in space. André Kuipers is a fascinating speaker and his space adventure is coming to life more and more. We see the preparations and what is needed to finally make a space trip. A kind of vacation report, but then a little different.
The light effects are beautiful and support the story that is told. Very impressive to see. In between, the musical star Willemijn Verkaik will sing a song twice. Awesome!

A lot of children

That space travel is interesting for everyone, is evident from the enormous amount of children that are present. The show is easy to follow for young and old. At the technical part I lost a bit, while Rocco just sitting on the tip of his chair. He listens clearly and you sometimes see him dreaming away a bit, he probably flies through space at those moments himself.

Space travel in our daily lives

Often we do not think about it, but space travel is part of our daily life. For example, the use of Google maps or other navigation programs, but also our weather apps, were created by using space technology. Who knows, it will be once again very normal to go on holiday, into space. Maybe Rocco is going to experience this. Maybe I do too, but I do not even get on an airplane yet, so here too I'll take a step.

Robot George

During the performance we meet robot George. For a moment I think there is a human being in it, but I quickly see the iron hinges. It turns out to be really a robot. Very impressive.

When the show is over, I notice that I have hung for 100 minutes and that time has flown by. The light effects were fantastic, the show was great and we go home with a head full of impressions.

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