Switching or not: what about your health insurance?

The end of the year is approaching and that means that it is time to take a critical look at your health insurance. After all, you may only transfer to a different health insurer once a year. Are you still warm in 2019, or is it really time to shop for a new health insurance?

What do I pay attention to?

Before you switch to another health insurer, it is a good idea to take a critical look at your current policy. Are all healthcare costs that you expect to make covered? Make sure you are not over- or under-insured. It can always happen that you, your child or your partner needs physiotherapy next year. Or extensive dental treatments. It is useful if your health insurance covers this kind of costs. Another point of attention: not every health insurer offers a free choice of care. Do you want to be able to choose your caregivers yourself? Then check carefully whether your current insurer allows this.

Are you pregnant or do you want to become pregnant in 2019? Then find out in advance what your current health insurer reimburses. Maternity care, for example, is reimbursed under the basic insurance, but the personal contribution that you pay per hour for this can partly be covered by additional insurance.

Switching: whether or not?

An advantageous policy is a good reason for many people to switch to another health insurer. That is not surprising: why would you pay more than is necessary for a health insurance with the right cover for you? There are always price differences in this area: with one insurer you pay more than with the other. Sometimes for exactly the same package

Other conditions can also make the switch to another health insurer attractive. This way you get a 10% discount on HEMA for a year when you take out health insurance with them. This means that you get a 10% discount on the almost all HEMA assortment for a year. In the stores and in the webshop. The philosophy behind this: happiness contributes to good health. That sounds like music to our ears!

HEMA Health Insurance under the microscope

If we look further at HEMA's health insurance, we see that it is not just the happiness discount that is a good reason for a switch. The HEMA health insurance is also very advantageous: the competitive premium is 111.00 euros per month. Here you have a deductible of 385.00 euros. Prefer a lower monthly premium? That is also possible. If you opt for a deductible of 885.00 euros per year, you only pay 87.00 euros per month for this health insurance.

Other good news is that with the HEMA health insurance you choose your own health care providers. In this way you decide yourself in which hospital you will be helped if necessary. And that is so nice. Not only for you, but also for your partner and children.

What about my child (ren)?

Your child is insured with you for free until his / her 18th birthday. This can be a basic insurance or an additional insurance. Your child has been credited to your policy or to that of your partner. It is wise to always have your child credited to the most comprehensive policy. Are you additionally insured and have your children been credited to your policy? Then they are also additionally insured.

When can I switch?

Do you want to have your current health insurance adjusted? Do you want an extra dental insurance, for example, or do you go from a supplementary insurance to basic insurance? Then you have the time until 31 December 2018. A new health insurance must be taken out before 1 February 2019. Please note: your old health insurance must be canceled before 1 January 2019.

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