The new CD from K3: Roller Disco

It has been about 6 years since I last visited a CD presentation of K3, when the site was called At that time in the composition of Kristel, Karen and Josje. Of course I have not lost sight of K3 in the last 6 years, but due to circumstances it just did not come to go to a CD presentation. Very bad, because K3 was nice then but K3 is still very nice. The songs are cheerful, the girls enthusiastic and the songs sing smoothly.

The combination of nice girls, hip clothes, a nice song, an appealing text and a (seemingly) simple dance, I think make this concept a hit with children. For generations. The concept gives them the tools to dream that you can achieve everything and that nothing is impossible. K3 sells not only in CDs and merchandise but also in the media. That can be seen in the decent amount of cameras that are present during the show.

CD Roller Disco

Yesterday K3 presented her new CD 'Roller disco'. She did this with an exclusive performance in the gym of a primary school in Gemert. Why there? K3 had made a call a few weeks ago to design the new case as a class. The winning class would win a live show. And this was the winning school. How fat is that! We were there and from the show we made a nice podcast. Absolutely worth listening to, because in addition to an impression of the show, I also speak to the girls. And ... (drum roll) at the end of the broadcast I raffle 3 autographed CDs!

Cheerful songs

The group is still extremely popular, also three years after the new composition. There are no less than 500,000 copies sold from the CDs: '10,000 air balloons', 'Ushuaia' and 'Love Cruise'. And 'Roller Disco' is now added. The fourth CD in three years, that really proves that K3 is still a hit.
The CD is full of new cheerful songs. During the show, several were sung (you can hear them on the podcast!). Incidentally, you will also find a bonus DVD of the K3 Butterfly Show in the cover! They are two birds with one stone!

My favorites

Of course, all songs sound cheerful or compelling, but it is striking that there are all kinds of different genres and not just one kind of beat. There are two songs that I think rise above it. The infectious country song 'Long live the cowboys' and the beautiful ballad 'More beautiful than you think'. The latter is also Klaasje's big favorite. And she is right.


01. Luka Luna
02. Roller Disco
03. Long live the cowboys
04. Who will soon be my dear
05. Whoppa!
06. More beautiful than you think
07. La la later
08. Hey Mister Deejay
09. Music
10. Bambolaya
11. Love gives you wings
12. The table of K3

Practical information

The CD is from today for 13.99 for sale at, among others, As a bonus you also get a DVD with this K3 butterfly show with this new K3 album.

20 years!

K3 will be no less than 20 years old next year. Of course not in this composition, but in all previous compositions together. Of course they will not let this go unnoticed. This party is celebrated with a spectacular show at the Studio 100 Pop-Up Theater in Puurs. This will be a spectacular show with 80 ballet dancers and where children can dance with headphones. But much more is going to happen! Good to keep an eye on the ladies in the coming period! For example, you can follow the new series of K3 via Zapp from January!

But now time for music!

Video: K3 - Roller Disco

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