Online birth announcements, how easy is that? # blog49

The birth of Rocco is already a few years ago. At that time it was not yet possible to design your tickets online. We had to go to a printer and looked at thick books full of birth announcements. Of course I could have designed a card myself, but I'm not so handy graphically, so that was not an option.

Too bad, especially now that I see all these digital possibilities nowadays, where you can add much more of yourself to the final design of the birth announcement.

What do you put in the birth announcement?

The birth announcement, despite the digitization, is still the way to spread the big birth news. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and the contents are different with every ticket. But generally the following information - or a selection from it - is mentioned:

poem, a picture, name, date of birth / time, birth weight, height, names of parents, address / contact details, brother / sister, and / or information about visiting hours / maternity visit.

Easy online ordering

Nowadays you no longer need to go to the printer and it is no longer necessary to struggle through thick books with hundreds of tickets. You can just start working online behind your screen. That is not only easy, but also very nice to do! And an additional advantage: You do not need graphic knowledge to design that crazy, cool, unique birth announcement! There is also another advantage when ordering online birth announcements; digital printing is actually a lot cheaper than offset printing. While the difference is hardly visible nowadays!


There are several sites where you can have birth announcements, such as Kaartje2go. One of the advantages of this website is the clarity. You can easily filter for specific characteristics, such as: boy / girl, the style of the card (hip, classic, sweet, cool, etc.), with / without photo and much more. That is useful, because it allows you to skip a lot of surplus ballast where you have to struggle through and you can therefore very specifically search for that special design.

Calculated date campaign

This is also fun! If you sign up for the 'Estimated date campaign' at Kaartje2go and you like it on this date, you get the ordered birth announcements for free! That is a very nice gift!

Five tips

Of course you want a nice, fun and, above all, complete birth announcement. That is why there are some tips here, which you can pay attention to when selecting and composing the tickets:

Tip 1

Pay attention to the quality! It must be good. At Ticket2go you always get a proof print, so you can view it.

Tip 2

Have the proof printed by several people. Is the text good? Is the text complete? No mistakes? Is everything neat (straight, aligned)?

Tip 3

Do you both want to mention mobile numbers? Then put the first letter of the first name in front of the number, so that everyone can see who the numbers are.

Tip 4

A short poem is always fun. Do not you know a poem? You can get inspiration on this page or maybe a few lines from a favorite and / or appropriate lyrics are also a nice idea?

Tip 5

Do you want to give a maternity drink? Mention this on the card, or better: You can also have an extra card made with the details of the maternity drink and add it to the birth announcements. Adding an extra card is more fun, chic and you can invite more selectively.

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