Yoga for toddlers

In the book 'Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers' Marjolein Tiemstra shows how you can practice yoga in a playful and at the same time responsible way with children from the toddler age.

This book contains calming an activating yoga exercises, breathing exercises and different ways to stimulate the senses. To keep the yoga varied and playful, the book also pays attention to songs and games.

Yoga has a good effect on the body. It promotes motor skills, a good body posture it gives good resistance and stimulates the functioning of muscles, organs and blood circulation. But yoga is not just about the physical side. Because in the toddler yoga also the breathing, the touching by playful massage exercises, and the senses are involved, the toddler in his whole being addressed.

The mental and emotional facets are also discussed. As a result, you see improvement in:

  • The confidence
  • Being aware of yourself
  • The concentration capacity
  • The emotional growth

And that makes doing yoga so special! You become physically stronger and mentally more balanced. And by starting yoga at a young age, you lay a good foundation for a healthy and balanced life.

Toddlers discover the world very actively and with movement. Through yoga, toddlers are more in touch with themselves and their inner world. That makes them more resistant to the - sometimes complicated - outside world. Toddlers love to stand, discover and imitate certain postures. Also through well-known songs and games the toddler yoga remains playful and offers many opportunities to participate. It does not matter whether you are agile or experience. Each may participate in his own way.
The yoga is suitable for about 2 years, but some postures, songs and games can be done before. Just try it out.

You can do yoga as often as you like. When you wake up you can do some exercises, for example the greeting to the sun, so that you start your day in a fit and cheerful way and also before going to bed there are suitable exercises to finish the day pleasantly and to be able to sleep peacefully. It also offers many possibilities throughout the day. Have the toddlers a lot of energy, let them roar like a lion, jump like a monkey, and then relax again like a rabbit in his hole.

There are so many different possibilities, including, for example, songs where you massage each other, games to stimulate the senses. There is something for every type of child.
The book Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers also uses existing songs and games. Therefore, yoga with your toddler is suitable for everyone, whether or not you have experience with yoga. It is not about being able to do it, it is about pleasure and experience. And if you want more than just an occasional exercise, in the book whole theme lessons are developed. Who is going to the kabouterbos? We are going to do gnome gymnastics, which animals we can imitate in the kabouterbos, play with the breath to blow away the gnome beards and then feel our goblin belly well. And of course the gnomes will take a rest on the soft moss. And the active leprechauns can chop in between in the meantime.

Who is Marjolein Tiemstra

Marjolein Tiemstra is married and mother of 2 daughters. Besides giving pregnancy yoga and baby massage, she has developed a form of toddler yoga. She is the author of the books:
From the Malle Mill, tips to relax with your child to go (2005)
Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers 2007, second edition 2008
And teaches at the 3-day teacher-toddler yoga course

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