Small cook's mate in the kitchen

Small chef in the kitchen - It will increase his dining pleasure!
Small children like to do what you do. That can be anything, vacuuming, sopping, washing windows and helping with cooking. Maybe not always useful, but if you do have the time, it's fun for them.

More interesting

The advantage of help in the kitchen is that they probably also find the food made even more interesting and perhaps therefore better to eat.

But where can they all help? Because giving them a knife to cut the meat into pieces is of course not such a good idea. But of course enough remains, where they can help!

A chef, fun! Eh ... but with what?

Of course, beware of sharp appliances in the kitchen, or hot pans. Helping with cooking must of course be done safely. If you have ensured safety for your child, you will notice that it is especially fun to work together. And also educational! As he gets older, he will be able to do more and more, but at first your toddler can help, for example, washing the vegetables, mixing dry ingredients, breaking beans, putting something on the scale so that you can weigh it, a little dough kneading, turning dry in a salad spinner, helping to cover the table or drying something for you. But you can also put your toddler on a stool near the sink and give him a bowl with some water and a spoon. Even then he will certainly enjoy it. After all, he does not care what he does, if he only thinks he is as important as you are.

Nice for all ages

Actually, helping in the kitchen remains fun for all ages, his responsibilities can be expanded further and further. And who knows, your adolescent will eventually cook a nice meal for you a few times a week! After all, young learned is done old!

Relax ...

Let your child only help you when you really have the time for it. If you are in a hurry, it is not so convenient, because you have to be able to give him attention and do not expect your child to keep the kitchen as tidy as you do.

Tips for the kitchen

It can freeze and thaw

Dishes that contain dairy products are generally less suitable for freezing. It is best not to freeze meat and fish leftovers and once you have thawed something, you can not refreeze it.
Always put the date of freezing on the packages and / or bags before you put them in the freezer. Because even in the freezer, it is not 'eternal' sustainable.

Healthy eating top 5

1) Eat as fresh and varied as possible
2) Wash all vegetables and fruit before eating and / or preparing
3) Leave out the salt.
4) Do not use raw eggs (so not sweets from dough in which raw eggs are processed)
5) Always prepare raw chicken on a separate cutting board and with a separate knife.

Baby snacks

To save yourself time, it is best to make a number of baby snacks at the same time. Especially when no dairy products are processed, they are perfect for freezing. You can use an ice cube tray for this. Especially for the test snacks, this size is perfectly suitable.

300 grams of broccoli

Clean the Broccoli and cut into small florets. Cook the florets for 10 minutes. Puree the florets with a blender or blender. If it is still too rude, you can also get it through a sieve. You can even dilute the texture with some cooking liquid.

This recipe can also be used for carrots or cauliflower, for example. This, however, you cook a little longer, namely 15 minutes.
You can do the toddlers separately in the ice cube tray, foil around it, date sticker on it and freeze it.

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