Spring: the season that we all look forward to

Spring is again: the season that we are looking forward to on a massive scale. After those cold, dark winter months, spring is literally a breath of fresh air. The days are getting longer, birds are singing to us cheerfully when we wake up in the morning and all kinds of colorful, wild flowers sprout vividly from the ground. We also get our daily dose of vitamin D back in the natural way (hello, sunbeams!) And slowly pick up that winter dip. We give you a few good reasons to embrace the spring with full surrender.

Winter dip

More than one million people suffer from a winter dip or even a winter depression. You can feel lethargic and irritable and tired more quickly. Scientists believe that the cause of a winter dip or depression is a shortage of light during the winter months.
The days are also shorter, so your biological clock gets disrupted. Good news: these symptoms disappear like snow in the sun when spring arrives.

Effect on the children

Spring not only has a positive effect on adults: our children also love spring. Outdoors can be played longer, the amusement parks open their doors again and they are less likely to get soaked from the rain when they take the bike to school, music lessons or football training.
Just like us, our children are happier and more excited in the spring. They are more interested in school and a better mood. In short: they are the sunshine in the house!

Spring cleaning

Inseparable: the spring and the big cleaning. You can suddenly have the irrepressible need to finally reorganize those cupboards, bury the windows or thoroughly clean the kitchen. You may also suddenly feel like getting your house redecorated. Because the bank would actually be even better in that other corner. And that nice sideboard is really much better to its right against that other wall.

Out with the family

Spring is pre-eminently the family to go out with your family. On a nice day, take a bike ride including picnic or go to the beach or outdoor pool at higher temperatures. The ice-cream parlors are also open again, and that is not only fun for our children. Even adults do not say no to a few scoops of traditional ice cream. Can you relax without kids? Enjoy with your friends, partner or colleagues an ice-cold beer on a sun-drenched terrace. Or just relax on your sun lounger in the garden and finally read that exciting book you never really get to.

Get rid of that winter coat!

Your winter coat is probably hanging in the closet again. You do not need them for the time being! Your winter wardrobe has made way for airy tops, shorts, elegant dresses and elegant sandals. This way we are even more floriferous!

We are slightly closer to summer again

Perhaps the best thing about spring: we are again a little bit closer to summer. Time to already book the sun holiday for the whole family. Or to that bikini body to work by going for a nice run in the spring sun. Or you can look forward to all that sweet, juicy summer fruit that will soon be available again. Think of strawberries, watermelon, raspberries and blueberries. And that is right again for that bikini body!

To enjoy

But the best advice we can give you and your family: enjoy every moment!
Be inspired by this amazing season and let the wonderful spring scents, singing birds, colorful crocuses and long, sunny days enrapture you!

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