Mother's Day? Order a piece of jewelery as a saving grace!

It is Sunday morning and you wake by the whistling of the birds and the sunlight that seeps through the curtains. Beautiful, you are awake for your wife and children. You pick up your smartphone and scroll through today's news. Suddenly you read a word that scares you: Mother's Day! Oh no completely forgotten!

You quickly look aside to your wife. Fortunately, it is still in deep sleep. You secretly sneak out of the bed and for a moment you paced through the corridor with the question in your head: 'What am I supposed to do now?'. Do not worry, we offer you assistance!

Make a special breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner

Have you forgotten your mother's day? That can happen best. Research shows that 1 in 5 men forget Mother's Day.
And that is not so bad if the mother in question does not attach much value to this day, but it is still important to always take action! Just as quickly a breakfast or lunch run together shows, for example, a good intention. Consider what she likes best and make the best of what you can find in the kitchen. Do you never cook and you can not even boil an egg? No problem, this is even better because you score extra points! For example, look at Youtube on how best to cook an egg, bake or how to make a complete meal with eggs.

Always make sure you have a nice presentation of the meal. For example with a flower (go into the garden) or with a nice card with a personally written text. You score at least some points with that. Do not forget to add a nice freshly squeezed gravy if possible.

Flowers, chocolates and a voucher

Cooking only for Mother's Day is always a bit of a setback. Is there another store open? Then quickly get a flower and some chocolate if she likes it. Furthermore, it is a good idea to search for a fun activity on the internet. A day of spa or wellness for example but also a voucher or tickets for the theater or the cinema. If it's just something you can print out and show immediately. Is it too late for that? Then you can always say that you have ordered something, but it has not yet been delivered and it is a surprise. You can also just be honest and say that you have escaped and you are going to seek out a jewel with her as a make-up.

Order a jewelry for mother online

The jewelers are of course close on Sunday. Yet you can still choose a beautiful piece of jewelry for your mother or wife. This can be done on the website of Names4ever for example. Names4ever is the specialist in personalizing jewelry. They not only have name chains and jewelery with text engraving, but also unique fingerprint jewelery and photo jewelery. In the last category of jewelery, a photo of your choice is engraved IN a jewel. How special is that? Names4ever also made a special selection especially for Mother's Day. This makes finding a jewelry for mother even easier! You have a wide choice of mother jewelry that is constantly being expanded. They have pendants, charms and beautiful mother-daughter bracelets. The jewelry for mothers comes in different versions such as hands, feet or a mother kissing her child. You have the choice of silver and gold and with some jewelry you can even choose a colorful birthstone. What makes the mother jewelry of Names4ever so unique is that you can engrave names, dates or a short message in the jewelry. So you give a jewelry for mother a personal touch!

So do not let Mother's Day go by! Even if you have forgotten. Make the day very special with our tips! Both you and your mother will ultimately be happy that you have made an effort!

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