How safe is your bathroom?

As a parent of (young) children you usually have a lot of work to make your house child-friendly. Does a small toddler crawl around the house? Then you better make sure that your sockets are protected with socket protectors. The sharp corners of your coffee table are of course equipped with table corner protectors and aggressive cleaning products are safely stored in a high cupboard where you can only shoot when he or she is 11. But what about the bathroom? After all, there are all kinds of dangers lurking there. So think about how safe your bathroom really is now.

A wet, smooth floor

You should not think that your little one slips after showering or bathing. After all, a wet bathroom floor is a smooth floor. The cheapest and easiest solution is to lay down an anti-slip mat. This bath mat adheres to the floor and prevents your child from slipping over the smooth surface with wet feet. Do you really want to tackle it big and are you looking for an excuse to have the bathroom re-tiled? Then choose beautiful floor tiles with anti-slip function. So nobody in your family slips out over the slippery floor. Oh yes, if you're at it, do not forget to also provide the walls with new tiles: this will give your bathroom the same luxury that you have been dreaming of for years!

Watch out with electrical outlets

You can find an outlet in almost every bathroom. Your electric toothbrush also needs to be charged. In addition, the bathroom is the perfect place to blow-dry your hair: nowhere in your home is there such a good bathroom mirror on the wall as in the shower room. But we all know those scary movie scenes where one of the characters in the bath is electrocuted because a hair dryer falls into the bath water (or of course is thrown). That is very dramatic, but what we really want to say is that water and electricity is never a very good combination.

An over-enthusiastic toddler who sprays water in the shower while showering and then reaches the socket is of course what nightmares are made of. To prevent this from happening, it is good to close the part in which the shower is being used properly from the rest of the bathroom, especially if you have your washer or dryer here. They also do not like too much moisture. Hanging up a hip shower curtain can offer a solution. Do you really want to tackle it rigorously? Then go for a shower cabin. There are nowadays shower cabins available that have such a mundane appearance that you feel like a four-star hotel!

Other bathroom hazards

Do you have a bath? Of course you do not want your child to slip away when he or she tries to get a bath. A bath shortener is a smart solution for this. These are for sale for a few dozen in various online stores. A bath shortener fits into any standard bath and is attached to the wall of the bath with suction cups. So you short the bath a nice piece and your child is not so easily slipping down! A bath staircase is also not a luxury: so your little one can easily climb in and out of the bath without having to remove dangerous antics! Is your child still very small? Then a bath chair is a good investment: it supports the body of your little one when he or she is in the bath.

Furthermore, you of course ensure that a possible medicine cabinet is high enough so that small children's hands can not. And of course, your little children will never leave you alone in the bath, even for a very short time. With these tips, the bathroom remains that safe, relaxing place that he should be!

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