Ahava hair mask

Every two weeks I paint the growth of my hair and once every six weeks I paint my entire hair. Of course I know that this is not good for my hair, but I do not like outgrowth. I think that is so shabby. In order to keep my hair in as good a condition as possible, it regularly receives extra care. Among other things, by spoiling my hair with a hair mask. Sometimes I leave this at the hairdresser, sometimes I just do it myself.

Difference between a hair mask and conditioner

Although both products have a nurturing and protective effect, there is a difference between these two. I use a conditioner after every wash, I use a hair mask a little less often, at most once a week. If you use the one by the way, you do not have to use the other product at the same time. So it is one of the two. Sometimes you see in advertising that after using a hair mask you still have to use a conditioner, but this is really nonsense.

If you place both products next to each other, you see a difference in the texture. Conditioner is often thinner than a hair mask. A mask is thicker and creamier. This is because a hair mask contains a lower percentage of water. It is therefore more concentrated. You can imagine that the effect is more powerful because of this. This also applies to this mask, which is also firm and creamy.

How do you use a hair mask?

Very simple, actually just like a conditioner. After washing, make the hair towel dry and apply the hair mask to the hair. With a coarse comb you can distribute it well over the entire length of your hair. Do not apply it to the attachment of the hair. Just pull in and rinse. It is not more.

Ahava hair mask

In the hair mask of Ahava you will find a wealth of healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphates, potassium and bromides. All these minerals are important to keep the hair healthy, supple and hydrated. The mask contains pure vegetable oil that nourishes damaged hair and soothes the scalp.

Active ingredients

The active ingredients in the mask: Osmoter β„’ balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals. Increases nutrients and hydration of the scalp and improves hair growth. Oil of argan, jojoba and sunflower: protects the hair against dryness and pollution. These two factors damage the softness and shine of the hair and make the hair dull. Oil of Sea Buckthorn, Flaxseed, Rosemary and Tea tree: improves hair strength and shine, soothes hair follicles, minimizes dandruff and an uncomfortable feeling of the scalp. The blend of active oils prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.

How do I find the mask?

The mask is suitable for all hair types. It is a creamy substance and it smells so delicious! Once the lid has been removed, it is immediately a party in the bathroom. The whole bathroom is filled with the wonderful smell of this mask. After I have applied the mask to my hair, I immediately feel the effect. With ease I comb the mask through my hair. Knots seem to be fleeing, because I do not see one anymore. When my hair is dry again it feels soft and fuller and it even seems that it stays longer. In any case, I am very enthusiastic about the operation. So enthusiastic that I also recommended my partner (he also has long hair) to use the product. He was as enthusiastic as I was after the wash.
This mask is really a gift to yourself.

Price and availability

The hair mask from Ahava is for sale for € 29.75. It is a big pot, which you will have a good time of pleasure.


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