LEGO DC Super-Villains-Limited Edition

A new game for the Switch is always received with great acclaim. Especially now that we are heading for cold and wet days again, more entertainment will be sought indoors. For example with the game computer. What I think is super cute about this game, you may be a villain. It is not for nothing that my favorite game was 'Dugeon Keeper', you can also play the big one there badguy to be. I find that so refreshing, because always wanting to be the hero, is also super boring. And now LEGO joins Nintendo with this game and you can also become the biggest supervillain of the Galaxy. Yeah!

DC Comics

This is the first time that LEGO has the opportunity to play the entire game as a supervillain and to pull out malicious areas. You can cause chaos in a hilarious story full of action. The game is made in collaboration with DC Comics and situated in the large open world in the DC Universe. How nice do you want it!

The game is varied and gives a lot of challenge and fun. You meet the best known and best villains and how nice to fight with these fantastic characters.

The story

The Justice League has disappeared and left the protection of the earth to its counterparts from a parallel universe, which have declared themselves the 'Justice Syndicate'. Notorious DC super villains from the 'Legion Of Doom' discover that the newest heroes of the Earth may not be what they claim ...

Sometimes more than one superhero is needed to get the job done and it is up to the player and a crazy group of outsiders to reveal the intentions of the new, strange wanna-be superheroes. Along with well-known supervillains: the Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Killer Frost, Sinestro and countless others of the 'Injustice League', players experience an epic adventure to ensure that their villains remain unrivaled.

Fun, exciting, hilarious and challenging

That is pretty much the summary of the game. Supervet so, but maybe I'm colored. I'm crazy about the DC Comics and addicted to the Gotham series. I love the characters to watch, so how fun is it to play with them. At the beginning of the game you create your own supervillain or you choose from a predefined villain. This villain becomes the protagonist in the story. The appearance, style, skills and background story of the villain can be adjusted.

You must fight evil with evil in this game. Whether they spray graffiti on the walls in the city or use fear poison to scare characters in the neighborhood. You are completely free to use all the tricks to stop the evil plan of the Justice Syndicate. Yeah!

Specifications LEGO DC Super-Villains-Limited Edition

NameLEGO DC Super-Villains-Limited Edition
PlatformNintendo Switch
price54.99 euros

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