Zodiac sign Leo - The character of your child as Leo

Astrological nameLeo
Period24 July - 24 August
KeywordGenerous life core
Vulnerable body partHeart, back
PlanetSuch a

The little Lion Cub is sunny, happy, playful and fun as long as he can do whatever he wants. But oh well ... if that does not work. Then the thunderstorms gather above his head for a thunderous thunderstorm or a long sultry silence.
Lionlings tend to command other children. Instead, do not correct him where other children are, but take your little Lion apart. Then explain to him that everyone has to take their turn. Since Leeuwtjes are also very just, he will also see this himself.

Lions can also be a bit boastful. Proudly your Lion is in the middle of a group of listeners to tell about his experiences. Enjoying all the attention that is focused on him.

As a baby it already seems as if they rule the world. Everyone is quickly packed by the little Lion cub and everyone is flying for him. They are dignified children and if he is covered in mud from head to toe, he will never lose his dignity.
A Lion Child is more reckless than other children. He takes more risks and will be a lot more active. He alternates his explosions of activity with a moment of extreme laziness.

A Lion can be stubborn and oppose imposed changes. But he gets things done by his perseverance. He is ambitious, enthusiastic but he is not good at harassment.

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