How do you treat your pet to Animal Day?

Today is the Animal Day again, the day on which we put our (house) animals in the limelight. But how do you treat your pet in a responsible manner? Because you can not put your dog or cat in front of your nose. Well, of course it is possible, but of course it is not healthy for your pet. But what can you treat him to? We give tips!

Since 1930

Animal day has existed since 1927. Animals used to work there. For example, to pull the cart, to guard the yard or to hunt mice. Once old and elderly, they had no use and were often killed. From the first Animal Day, the animal suffering fortunately became less and less. Most pets are doing well in the Netherlands, but on Dierendag we can still spoil them a little extra! Animal day has now become a holiday for the animals.


It sounds very obvious, but give your pet some extra attention. Cuddle him, pet him, cuddle him and above all: go play with him! Especially cats and dogs love to play with their owners! Or take an extra long walk with your dog! He will love it!


Maybe you have a pet who loves to be extensively brushed! Then of course that is the way to spoil your pet extra! In addition to dogs and cats, rodents also often like to be brushed. Maybe you should give it a try?

Also other animals

In addition to pampering your own (domestic) animals, you can also treat other animals to this day! Go past the shelter or petting zoo to cuddle, play and cuddle with the animals! Is the neighbor's dog often alone? Take him to the beach or forest!

Make a cake or cookies!

No, of course, no cake of sugar and whipped cream, but a healthy cake that fits your pet! For example, a cake of dog biscuits and knuckles for your dog, or a vegetable tart for your guinea pig. Or make your own dog biscuits or rabbit sweets! How nice is that!

No time to bake something? Then get at least his favorite food at home. Your pet will also enjoy a delicious meal!

New toy

You can always make your animal happy with a new toy! There is everything for sale for small and large pets. A new ball for the dog, a new toy for the guinea pig, a toy for the cat, there is enough to get. But you can also make it yourself! That is perhaps much more fun!

A new basket or pillow!

A dog loves to sleep! Maybe his basket or pillow is worn out! Then you can make him happy with a new basket or pillow, so that he again has a wonderfully comfortable place to sleep!

A new outfit!

Maybe you have a very fashion-conscious dog? Then of course a new outfit will come in handy!

For very spoiled dogs ...

Do you have too much money? Then maybe you can spoil your pet with this great dog house! Although we think your dog prefers to lie with you!

Low budget Animal day

You can also pamper your pet without spending extra money. Eventually you do your pet the greatest pleasure with extra attention. That does not always mean 'cuddling', but play a little longer with him or take a longer walk. There is also enough to tinker with material that you often have at home. How to make a floe rope for your dog, or a ball of aluminum foil for your cat. They are very simple things, but the animals can have fun with it! Your animal is not about the price tag that is attached to it!

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