Scribblenauts Mega Pack

The game Scribbelnauts is not new in itself, but this Mega Pack. This Mega Pack contains the collection of Scribblenauts Unlimited and Scribbelnauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. That is a major attack on your creativity, because creativity is one must! If you want to move forward in the game, you have to come up with creative solutions! And the less obvious they are, the better it is.

What is Scribblenauts?

Scribblenauts is a side-scrolling open world game with drawn environments and objects. The hero is Maxwell and he needs your creative brain to solve problems. You can have objects appear with which Maxwell can get started.

Scribblenauts Unlimited?

Not yet familiar with the earlier versions? Scribblenauts β„’ Unlimited is an open world game with super-defined and hand-drawn environments and objects. Players help Maxwell, the hero of the game, to solve tricky puzzles and challenges by having the most random objects appear, from a 'giant hover bus' to a 'microbial fire tornado'.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure

Then of course you also want to know what this is for a game.
Maxwell goes on an imaginative and comical mission with DC superheroes and shorelines and visits famous DC locations such as GOTHAM CITY, METROPOLIS β„’, ATLANTIS β„’ and two new bonus locations: TITANS TOWER (attacked by the fearsome demon Trigon) and BELLE REVE, the operating base for Task Force X.

Not unknown

This is not the first Scribblenauts we get and as soon as Rocco sees that I have won the game, he is like the chickens. He played the previous game with great pleasure, so he is eager to get back to work. It takes some getting used to the operation (the previous game was for the DS) but soon he has how you can write words on the Switch. It is that homework also needs to be done, otherwise he would have held the Switch in his hands for hours. But the duty is calling! Or at least 'mama'. So once Rocco is back with his head above the books, Mommy can get started with this game.


It is not difficult because the game is self-explanatory. The intentions are clear and I personally like that it is a side-scrolling game. I always get lost when I can go in all directions. Others think that is wonderful, not me. The more I can handle, the more difficult I find it. As if I have to stamp the whole route in my head, or something like that. At Scribblenauts I do not have to remember anything, I can only go to the right, so that's clear. The solutions are often less clear. The beginning is easy, nice to get in again, but in the end a lot of your brain is asked. But that is precisely the challenge.

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Specifications Scribbelnauts Mega Pack

NameScribblenauts Mega Pack
BrandNintendo Switch
price29.99 euros

Video: Scribblenauts Mega Pack PREVIEW! Return to GOTHAM (Nintendo Switch)

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