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I would like to eat as fresh, healthy, tasty and varied as possible every day, but I do not have that much time, because working mother. This is familiar to you. I prefer to cook with fresh products, but it certainly should not take too long or be too complicated. Here Nora French seems to be responding well to 'Healthy fast food'. Because this cookbook contains 100 simple recipes for delicious and healthy food. For anyone who wants to eat healthy but has no seas of time. I love it.

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Sometimes I do not know anymore, then I stroll through the supermarket and try to get me inspired by the fresh vegetables. Sometimes it works better than the other time. I think it is important to eat as healthy as possible and preferably varied. This cookbook can help with that. The recipes look good, but also very tasty. No extensive shopping or culinary delights at all (which are often not feasible in the tight time you have). This book has no less than 100 low-threshold, nutritious meals that suit work, school, sports, family and friends. The meals are also gluten-free, with no refined sugars and packed with vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and proteins. I love it. Or had I already said that?

Who is Nora French?

Nora French is a health coach and mother of a hungry family. Just like you and me, she is always looking for easy and healthy meals. When I leaf through the book, she has succeeded - as far as I am concerned - well. Important also that the recipes are liked by all roommates, but I think this will be fine.


In the cookbook a lot of work is done with 'superfoods'. Do not be alarmed by the term, because these are not difficult to obtain ingredients, but products such as: onion, zucchini, tomato, apple, nuts, avocado, lemon, blueberries, spinach, dark chocolate, egg, garlic and banana. No crazy things right? All products that are easily available and also taste good. That makes the recipes low-threshold.

My cookbook

I'm sure I will use this cookbook more often. The dishes look simple but tasteful and I especially like that you do not need any hard-to-find ingredients. I do not have any sense at all, nor time to look for it. Shopping is a necessary evil and I want to have it as soon as possible. Chances are that in the coming period I will make recipes from this cookbook in my weekly photo blog! I'm already looking forward to it!

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TitleHealthy fast food
PublishingCharacter Publishing
AuthorNora French
Number of pages191
price19.99 euros

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