Constellation Pisces - The character of your child as Pisces

Astrological namePisces
PeriodFebruary 20 - March 21
KeywordSacrificial life core
Vulnerable body partFeet
PlanetJupiter, Neptune

Your Pisces child lives in a fairytale world and seems to be a magic fairy with his enchanting smile and delicious gestures. He is a born actor and can hardly handle rules. Rules disturb his imagination, even hinder him. He would like to decide for himself how or what. For example, a Pisces child can easily move the day to the night, of course you do not have to be happy with that. But a Visje likes to eat when he is hungry and sleeps when he is tired. Try to adjust schemas and rules a bit to his regularity and need, to keep all the strings a bit in the hands. Your Fish will not scream or stamp fast to drive his sentence, but he will reach his goal by devious ways.

Your fish needs encouragement. By nature he is not so sure of his own abilities. With a healthy dose of attention and appreciation goes well with the fish. From time to time, he just needs to be alone. Give him those moments of rest, so that his spirit gets the freedom to fly wherever he wants to go.
Fish can hardly say 'No'. They often withdraw into their dream world and because of this they are scattered and disorganized. Fish are always friendly and patient and take others as they are.

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