The 10 most original baby names

After years of joking about the name of your future child, it is now time to really choose a name! Are you still in love with that one name that you've been walking around for ten years, or is it time for a breath of fresh air? Maybe you can not think of anything nice, or are the names you like already used in your friends or family circle.

Ideally you want an original name, with a beautiful meaning or a special sound. We help you on your way! Here you will find the 10 most original baby names.


Baudouin Zenden called his son Boan: a delicious sounding, fluent name that was used very little! Although Boan is most often given to boys, it is certainly a unisex name: even with a girl the Boan fits very nicely.


Do you like the commonly used names "Floor" and "Florien", but are you looking for an original version? Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and is often mentioned in the same breath in the Netherlands as "fauna": the name Flora is a beautiful reference to the beauty of nature. The name is derived from the Latin word "Flos" which means "flower" and can be accentuated with an accent to make the name even more beautiful: Flóra.


The name Otis is usually given to boys and means "energetic". A well-known bearer of this name is "Otis Redding", the American soul singer who sang the song "(Sittin 'on) The Dock of a Bay" with such passion. Carolien Karthaus-Spoor ("Florien Fischer" from GTST) and Jon Karthaus also called their son Otis.


This is perhaps the gem of this list: Maru. Maru is a Japanese boy name that is translated as "round", but there is a lot more to it. In Japan, the word Maru expresses affection and temptation; it is a caress for the ear. But ... in New Zealand, Maru is just a maiden name, with "soft" meaning!


Are you looking for an original name for your baby daughter, with a special meaning? Zinzi can come out as the winner! Zinzi means: boss of the stars. It sounds nice and is really different than usual.


A smooth, yet beautiful name that you can use for both boys and girls. When the beautiful movie "Nim's island" was released in 2008, the name was sometimes chosen, but you still hear this very little. Very nice!


A beautiful name that is mainly given to Arab girls. Dilara means "hartedief" and, in spite of the beautiful sound, is not so common in our country. Dilara Horuz is a Dutch singer and actress with a Turkish background, known for the Junior Songfestival.


Jeppe is a Danish or Frisian variant of "Jacob": fresh, playful and original! The Hebrew name Jacob or Jacob has been used a lot and refers both to 'he will protect' and 'he grabbed the heel'. Jacobus was a very popular saint. Jeppe refers to Jacob, but is a lot more original! As a rule, the name is given to boys.


Nevin is another great name that you can use for both boys and girls. Originally, the name Nevin Celtic and the meaning is "young, holy". In America parents give the name Nevin to their daughters, while in Scotland and England mainly boys wear this name.


With this gorgeous girl's name you can go many ways. Alivia is derived from Olivia, which means "Olive tree"; but you can also recognize the word love in Alivia. Whatever you see in it: it is a beautiful name that was given to only a few girls.

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