Sleep well during your pregnancy

Sleeping: you would like to, but during your pregnancy it does not always seem to be normal. You suffer from certain ailments that stand in the way of your night's rest. Or you're a real belly-sleeper, but yes: there's a belly here from here to Tokyo ... So how are you going to tackle that?

Which sleeping position is good for you and your baby?

Sleeping on your left side seems to be best for your child. But do not be afraid: sleeping on your stomach will not harm your baby. The amniotic fluid around him will protect him 'lovingly'. Of course, a big belly will get in the way and then you can better look for a side position. Because the blood circulation is most optimal when you are on your left side, this is the healthiest for your little one because this also makes the placenta the best 'fed'. Sleeping on your back is a less good idea. Not for your baby, by the way, but for you! You can thereby pinch veins, such as the large body artery. The location of the baby and the position of the uterus have to do with this risk.

Pillows and a good mattress

Women who have pain in their back or pelvis can not find a side position. But with pillows you can solve a lot. Place a pillow between your legs and also bend your knees. This will ensure that your pelvis does not tip over, which of course relieves the pain.
A pillow can also help if you normally sleep on your stomach and that is no longer comfortable because of the size. By lying on your side, with a pillow against your stomach, you can mimic it a little bit and still lie down! Of course, you can also have a pillow in your back when you are a sleeper. A pillow in your back can also provide support, making you feel better and more relaxed!
Do you want to experiment with cushions to lie down, but do they shift each time? A feeding pillow can offer a solution, because it has a long shape and thus remains better!
Of course it makes a huge difference if you have a good mattress. But that is not only the case during your pregnancy.

Sigh, I have to pee again ...

Well, every time: you finally lie nice, you have to pee again! Recognizable? Do not despair, because this complaint usually disappears after the first 3 months. Okay, it will be back at the end of the pregnancy. So what are you doing? In the beginning of the pregnancy it has to do with your changing hormone balance, at the end your bladder is in the oppression. Things that you can not do much about. Try to reduce the amount of fluid in the evening, so you just do not have to pee. Of course you have to ensure that you drink enough throughout the day!

Nausea or heartburn

Are you sick at night or do you suffer from stomach acid? Make sure you do not eat too fat or too spicy. Eating biscuits can also help!

Fixed rhythm

If you are already a mother, you know that a fixed sleep rhythm is important for your child. But what applies to your child also applies to you! By maintaining a fixed rhythm, your body knows that it is sleep time.
Do not want to drink coffee etc. before you go to bed (the best thing is not to do this from the end of the afternoon) and think of a nice relaxing ritual for the evening. Take a nice hot shower, for example, or read something cozy so you can relax. Provide a cool room and a not too full stomach. Maybe a certain type of music or relaxation exercise helps to relax.
And now dreaming about the little miracle in your belly!

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