The natural bond between mother and child

The natural bond between mother and child - how special!

"Just a children's aspirin, ma'am, then Eva will be the old one again tomorrow", the GP says. "An aspirin? Has he gone mad? You can see that my girl is very ill! " But you do not want to come across as overly concerned mother. So you let yourself be reassured and return home. But it does not feel right, even though your baby can not talk yet, you know as a mother that something is really going on.

And if you really can not stand it in the evening and you report at the GP, it is confirmed that your mother's feeling did not let you down ...

Natural bond

The natural bond between a mother and her child, does it really exist? Does that start during pregnancy or only at birth? Does that bond exist all your life? Such a natural bond, can you also feel it? And how does that feel?
The natural bond between a mother and her child is difficult to put into words. Research shows that babies begin to build up that bond during pregnancy and many a mother will assure you that she also started to feel connected during pregnancy.

In mother's belly

According to Canadian scientists, newborn babies react very strongly to the voice of their own mother, the voice they got to know when they were still in Mommy's belly. Measurements of brain activity in babies show that very different parts of the brain respond to the recognition of mama's voice than of many other women. So the tires are already forged during pregnancy!

Hormones the boss

Hormones help women a hand to get that happy, loving feeling right after the birth. Your body then makes oxytocin, which creates happiness. This substance is also released when breastfeeding. According to research, oxytocin also plays an important role in the difference between a natural delivery and caesarean sections. The blissful intoxication and direct bond that a mother feels with her newborn baby would be larger according to brain scans during a regular delivery, because more oxytocin is released.

Blind spot

An English scientist, in fact, measured the mothers' brains while looking at photographs of their own offspring. According to the scans, the areas in the brain for negative emotions and judgment were virtually eliminated when a mother looked at a picture of her child. The parts of the brain that provide a blissful feeling were extra burdened. These parts are extra sensitive to the binding hormones oxytocin and vasopressin.

Importance of attachment

The natural bond that exists between a mother and her child is of great importance for a growing child. A child who can attach himself safely to a parent gets a positive self-image and can grow socially and emotionally. Practice has shown that good care is not sufficient. Babies and children who are well cared for, but are forced to miss their mother's love, grow less hard and can have a hard time on the emotional level.

The natural bond between a mother and her child is difficult to put into words. Perhaps you should feel it yourself, experience for yourself what it is like when you get warm when you look at your child, how it feels when you want to protect your child like a lioness. Then you might believe that a mother suddenly feels a primal force and can lift a heavy boulder to save her child. Or suddenly it feels that her child, who is miles away, has a hard time and needs her.

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